Saint Bernard

c. 1090 - 1153

Saint Bernard

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 18, 2001 at 12:45 pm


“When The Father gives permission for One of Us to speak openly, it is always with Deep Love for The Holy Trinity that Our Words come forth, because all the Souls throughout the world need the ones in whom They were placed at the moment of conception, to fully understand that human life is Special, because within it, it has a Portion of The Creator.

We hear some say, ‘With all the millions of human beings, how can The Creator be a Portion of each one?’ This, of course, is a humanistic version of what The Creator is all about. The Souls of every human being, as Portions of The Creator, are Gifts of His Divine Love for each human conception, because to The Father, in creating human life, He designed it in a manner and form, using some of the things, perhaps called ‘attributes’, that He is the Possessor of.

We see so many reading All that has been delivered thus far, and questioning the Wording; then, to others, it is perfectly sound, realistic, understanding, logical, and in many ways, gives strength to everyday living.

The human body has many Gifts, and the ability in so many ways to understand, to comprehend things that could be difficult if one did not have a Soul, because the Soul is a constant Companion to the human mind, the human body, and the Soul has the ability to explain in a more full degree of perception, the importance of what is spoken or being practiced.

Today as I speak, I know My Words are different, but with all the different intellects reading These Revelations, it is logical that some will find more understanding in Wording when it is done in a way they are comfortable with, or used to, or knowledgeable in.

The Father has Decreed that All that has been and is being delivered, become an Important Issue to those who hear the Words, read the Words, because of the Guidance that is in some ways so discreetly projected, due to the fact that all minds are different, all intellects have different degrees of perception on issues that give to them more understanding for the mind that they have been Blessed with at the moment of their conception.

All of Us Saints stand by, waiting for The Father to give Us the opportunity, the privilege to deliver to those who are yet in the living state, to be more up-to-date on all they have been given, Blessed with, are capable of, because of the Soul The Father wants returned to Him in Heaven.

As I close My Words, I have one small piece of Love to share. Never forget to say ‘Good morning’ to The Creator. Whether you call Him ‘Father’, whether you call Him ‘God’, He hears.

And when you lay your head to sleep at another time of day, it would be nice to say:

‘Good night. Thank You for the day, and remember, God, my love for You is a love I do not understand, but I know it was Your Love for me that created me as man.’ So be it.”