Saint Sebastian

c. 256 AD - 288

Saint Sebastian

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 8, 2002 at 12:20 pm


“I am Saint Sebastian.

The world is gifted with The Father’s Love through This Miracle that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph. Throughout the world there is much confusion on the understanding of The Heavenly Father’s Love for human life, and the Justice that each human being must face at a given time.

This Statement may be difficult for some who read These Words to fully understand, but logic should tell to human beings, in order for all to exist, that exists, there had to be a Supreme Power Capable, Able, Willing to do it, to allow it to be. The Power that We speak of is beyond human identity, human ability to ever truly comprehend the Greatness It is, and the Love, Divine Love that exists in It.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of prayer. Prayer is a communication, special in many ways, because a prayer calls to a Heavenly One to hear what one wants to say. The Father instituted prayer as a communication so that all human beings could have a communication they would understand, felt comfortable with, and innately knew that it was a way to speak to The Divine in ways other than they could ever see this communication between themselves and mankind; it had to be a Superior Way.

All the prayers that are answered every day, are answered in the manner and the degree The Father Wills it best for it to be. No day should go by that a human being of any age, the very small and the older ones, forget to pray. Prayer is a personal communication, and it is heard no matter where the human individual lives, or is taking part in other things in life. The communication is unbelievable, but definitely there.

Thousands of Words have been spoken through This Gift, from so Many Here in the Heavens. To millions of people, in reading Them, it should be an awakening to the communication they have, the closeness they have with The Divine.

Today as I speak to you, I look at others throughout the world. Many are in prayer, but there are many who do not feel the necessity to pray; and there are many who used prayer at another time, but then decided it was not giving them all they requested, all they asked for, so they stopped the praying, thus ignoring The Divine.

As I close My Words, I beseech you to remind others, in the right way of course, to remember to say, ‘I love You, God; thank You for this day,’ and if you have a request on some issue, problem, or something you feel innately is important to your way of life, say a prayer. It may not receive the answer that you would like, but always remember, the prayer was heard, it is never rejected, but also, aid comes in a way you may not recognize, but no prayer is ever set aside, dismissed, because it is the communication man has with The Creator of All Things.

Those who read These Words, I beseech you, remember this.”