Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 4, 2003 at 12:41 pm


“I am your Heavenly Mother.

The Father, in His Creation of human life, chose to give to those who would yet come, a Special Group, to be able to imitate and learn about The Creator, giving them Strength, Hope, Understanding and Divine Love.

My Birth to the world was Important, because The Father Willed it to be this way so that those who would follow would have Someone to lead them in many ways.

The Son, Who was born through Me, was to give Strength, Hope and Understanding for others to realize that human life was Special to The Creator of All Things, because in this way, in the Creation of human life, so much that The Creator wanted to have accomplished could be done, giving to the world many Acts of Divine Love.

I hold the little one tightly, because of the strength it takes to repeat the Words that are important for others to know regarding the Love The Father has for human life, and also, the Importance of the Soul He places within each human life at the moment of conception.

The Soul is not seen, but It is felt. The Soul is That Portion of The Creator that not only gives physical strength, moral strength, but aids in the mentality, thus helping human beings to be able to be more intellectually aware of more than any other thing created.

We All smile as this little one repeats the Words, because she just said to Me: ‘You have never put it that way before. It sounds so right, and is in many ways, so much more explanatory.’

There are Several of Us present where this little one is, because there are millions of Souls Who are the victims of the ones in whom They were placed at the moment of their conception.

We hear some individuals say, ‘The Father would not choose one small woman to speak in so many ways, using so many subjects, reminding others of the subjects and the importance they play in human life.’

Prayer is an important portion to every human being born. It is not necessary for it to be formal, because oftentimes just a discussion with Whoever is present at that time, is passed on immediately to Others in the Heavens. All words are heard, all requests are heard and answered in more ways than an individual understands it to be, because The Father, in His Love for human life, is a Portion of human life that cannot be seen.

Children are not being fully instructed on how they should depend upon prayer to aid them, to comfort them, and to give them help and/or hope at particular times.

I will close My Words, but as I do, I bless you with The Father’s Will, because The Father has given to the world of human life His Love in so much Instruction, not only here where you are, but in other ways, places, and on situations that gave strength when it was needed, and definitely purpose, because of the Soul that is the recipient of all an individual is accompanied by, every moment of every day.

I could speak hours, but I will close Them now with a short prayer, hopefully that you will remember:

‘Heavenly Father, grant me the Grace and the strength to always feel Your Presence, because when I do, it is through my understanding purity over impurity, hope over hate, truth over untruth, and an awareness of Your Presence in my Soul that never leaves me any moment of the day or night.’