Saint Anthony of Padua

1195 - 1231

Saint Anthony of Padua

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 5, 2003 at 12:41 pm


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua. I smile when I mention My Name, because in the last few days I have heard My Name to be called many times.

The world is saturated with so many individuals who do not believe in the True Existence of a Creator of All Things. They take all things for granted. Nothing is thought about to be exceptionally beautiful in its presence. When I say These Words, They will be difficult for some to understand, but nonetheless, it is Fact.

You live in a time when The Son of The Creator is thought about more often than any other time of the year, because of the human celebrations that take place and that gifts are a manner, a matter of exchange. This is not wrong, but there are many times in the year when attention on The Creator of All Things, The Son of The Creator of All Things, is ignored totally. No word is spoken regarding the reality of His Presence at all times.

Children are not being instructed properly on the proof, on the reality, that within them they have a Portion of The Creator that they should always remember they represent in everything they think, say and do. If this could happen, a lot more understanding would result, not just one time of celebration or a few days of memory in a year’s time, but it would be a daily, a consistent part of the mentality to remember each day of the year, the Importance of one’s being chosen to live, and having been given the privilege by The Creator to receive from Him a Portion of Him, called ‘a Soul’.

The Soul is a Portion of human life made in this way, this manner, this degree, giving strength where it is needed, hope when it is needed, and the inspiration to be moral and conscious of all that is good, all that should be practiced that is good example to others, and also, helping all ages to remember the birth of others, the date, the time, even the way.

I know I speak differently today, but It is an important Message I give, because for so many of all ages in human life, they find what they are interested in is more important than anything else. They ignore the fact that there are a vast number of things that each day they should be thankful for, and remember to say:

‘Thank You, Holy Father, for allowing me to be born and to know all the things I have learned that refer to You, and that You designed to make human life worthwhile in all ages that exist at this time.’

Let us return now to a time a long time ago, when The Son of The Creator was hung upon a Cross. There was sadness, yes, but there could have been restraints made, but those present were frightened to be tortured themselves, so they backed off; but today, in your time, you have the reasonability to be able to stand firm on what you know is morally right, sound and valuable to your way of life and to your Soul that you are the custodian of.

I know What I have spoken is different, and I also know that there are some who will read It and not see in It all there is to think about, but there are some who will read It and It will awaken their mentality to the beautiful greatness of human life, and that it is not always just as an individual expects it to be; it has its so-called ‘ups’ and its ‘downs’, but every individual born has the mentality and the power and the strength to use what they are to give hope to others and to be able to stand as example under all conditions.

I have spoken this way today because there are some who will read It and It will help them much. It is important for individuals of all ages to see the value of human life and all it contains as advantageous to their Soul and a Future Life, the Gift of becoming ‘a Saint’.”