Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 15, 2004 at 12:35 pm


“I am Saint Mary Margaret, Margaret Mary, Mary Margaret, Margaret Mary. I smile when I say this, because you see, sometimes My Name is spoken so many ways, but I always know and hear what they say.

Today as I speak, it is with deep Love for human life, for do not forget I, too, at one time was a human being.

The Father, in His Love for human life, creates it for a Purpose, a Goal, and Sound Reasonability, because you see, the Soul of every human being is a Portion of Who The Father Is, and in His Love for this Creation of His, He has allowed so many to be born, because then this gives to Him many, many Souls that, without the condition children are born, The Father would not have all this to love, to encourage, and to instruct on the importance of the Purpose of human life, and what a great Gift it is.

Human life has a Goal. A goal is innate in human lives. The goal is oftentimes many different ways of improving one’s self, or becoming a part of something, somewhere. The list is endless, but in the Creation of human life, the Goal is to return the Soul to The Creator.

He always smiles when someone says:

‘Heavenly Father, I want to live. I know my Soul is with me at all times, but if I die, my Soul will leave what I am.

Please, Heavenly Father, let me live so I can enjoy having more understanding regarding what life has been created for.’

I will close These Words, because in this Message that in many ways gives all the attention to The Father, it is a privilege for All of Us Here in the Heavens to speak What He Wills to be spoken. Remember this.”