Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 9, 2004 at 12:55 pm


“I am Saint Joseph.

I have come at this time to give you strength, and to encourage you to understand that The Father’s Will for every human being born is a Love beyond what could be understood in the human mentality, or the human ability, regarding that human life was created to fulfill The Father’s Love, practicing, using, and developing special times regarding the Purpose for human life, the Value of it, and the Divine Love in it that is never seen, never really felt by others, nor is It heard with a voice. Divine Love is Greater than It is understood to be, because It is a Strengthening Factor, a Loving Factor, that the human mentality or senses cannot describe in Their fullest degree.

As I speak to you, there are millions and millions and millions of human lives at this moment who want answers to things that concern them, but the answers they decree or they desire are in a different value of understanding than the human mind is capable of.

Each day, Thousands of Saints Here in the Heavens, all ages, all backgrounds, answer prayers for those who beseech prayers, and They give aid when it is needed, where it is needed, because They seek The Father’s Will, His Justice, and His Divine Love on what the results should be.

In the human state of living, when love is spoken, it is felt in an emotional manner, also has a sensitivity to it, in it; but when you think of The Father’s Love, think of It in a manner and way of Great Understanding, and above and beyond what the human mentality could think It to be.

When you pray for a special situation, condition, or purpose, your prayers are heard, your love is considered, but always remember that in the Kingdom of Heaven, the Knowledge of what is best is a deciding factor.

As you pray for things you want to be done, or want to do, or feel serious about, it is natural to have a human perception, conception; but as I speak to you today, I say, ‘The Father’s Love and the Love of The Saints knows all things,’ so as you pray, remember to say:

‘Father, I accept Your Will, and I love You, because You, as The Father of All Things, know what is best in every facet of human life, every degree for the Soul of a human being.’