Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 11, 2005 at 11:28 am


“The pattern of life you have addressed so much time to, is a Gift to strengthen your love for The Divine.

It is important that thousands, or even millions of human beings read Stories or Wording on The Holy Trinity, plus Others Who walked the road in the human form, way, mentality, and can at this time be called ‘a Saint’.

If living a human life had no Purpose or no Goal, would it not be a sadness to face such a role?

Morality is oftentimes stressed.  It was not always a main subject in the way, way past.  It was brought to the forefront, enlightening those living of the necessity to use morality over immorality, truth over untruth, purity over sin.

The little one I use stares at Me and with Me, at What I just said.  We All smile at her as she responds to Our Words, because her in-depth sensitivity is based on knowledge of great importance.  We hold her tightly because as she stares at Us, We lovingly stare back at her, for We have many times used her as the courier for Our Words.

Throughout the world you live in, there is much need, much help needed, because too many human beings resist, reject morality and the reasonability it is.

We could speak hours without stopping, but We are aware that It could not be put into print in Its full manner and degree.

We lovingly say to those who read These Words at this time:  Never forget, you were created because of the Love of The Divine.  So, remember to turn to Him and say:

‘I love You, God, thank You for today.  Help me to be a Saint one day.  I love You, God.  Please remember me.’