Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 3, 2006 at 12:31 pm


“There are Several of Us present many times when you gather and We know you are available.

There are so many beautiful things that human beings can accomplish, not just in how things look, but how they are, in their basic description of what they look like and what they are for, plus the amount of individuals who favor them and enjoy them, thus making them even more beautiful than when they first saw them.

Many might say, why would I speak this way; also, ask Me why a gift or a fact like this should impress Me so much? I do have an answer. It is because when one brings happiness to one or more other human beings, it is Blessed by The Creator of All Things, and one’s instincts, or logic, or conscience tells her or him what a pleasure it was and is to be kind and to give something that has pleasure in it, basically because it is a gift and then what it is for.

I know sometimes We speak differently, but it is Our Privilege to make a point of what We hear that is so pleasing, but also so beneficial in its worth.

Kindness is a Blessing. Hope is a Blessing. Generosity is a Blessing, and an innate desire to help someone is a Blessing, and each time one of these appear in the background of a human being, I, your Heavenly Father, thank you, because to be created a human being has a Goal in it for That Portion of it, the Soul. The Soul rings with happiness when kindness appears.

I say these things to those present because you all walk a road together. It is a road of saving Souls, your own, and to aid others to save their Soul for the time to come that is evident, because when the time comes for a Soul to be Judged, it is Important in every facet of It, every degree of It, every thought of It, because the Soul is Special, and also looks forward to that time when It will be with The Divine permanently.

I know My Words are different, but I assure you They are sincere, but also have a background to Them, in Them, for Them, that is always obvious when someone looks for It to be there.

Thank you for the time you spend in putting into script certain degrees, certain amounts, certain kinds of Words that maybe are not very emphatic, but They are Words that can be stated to cause comfort or happiness, or give to an individual a Spirit of Hope.

I beseech you, remember this. It is an important Statement based on Divine Love, Divine Understanding, because in The Divine Ability it is obvious there is always Hope.”