Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 11, 1969 at 2:10 pm


“I come in All Glory, in All Happiness and in All Love. My voice says to you, ‘I am The Blessed Mother.’

I love these Beads and I love those who practice the devotion, saying these Beads in Honor of My Love. All children are Mine. What mother does not feel a happiness when one of her children makes a special effort to please her and to return her love to her. I am The Heavenly Mother of all children, and I say to you, ‘Please, My daughters, tell others of My Love, and ask them to say My Beads often.’ Our Beloved Father also asks all children to express this devotion in My Honor.

The enemy of God cannot bear to have children use this as a weapon against him. No child is aware of the magnitude of the strength of these Beads. They are not just Beads. They are not just a suggested amount of prayers. They are not just a repetitious prayer. They are not for those with little memory.

It has much purpose, My Rosary, and it covers many aspects of devotion. It was given to the world by Our Beloved God, for children of all ages to use, to cherish in My Way. In many Visions I was seen with it. Many children try to dismiss it. This must stop. They are to say it, and they are to gather others to recite the prayers that will save the world. You please Me so much when you do this.

I bless you with My Love, as your Heavenly Mother, and I say: ‘Gather more and teach them this prayer, and those who cannot find the time, encourage them to do it when they have the time. Tell them in a nice way to seek My Advice on this, and I will be happy to tell My children how to direct their time so that they will have the time for Me.’ I bless you from the Heavens, I bless you with My Love. So be it.”