Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 13, 1970


“My daughters, I was head of a convent, and as you know, in this capacity many girls were under my jurisdiction. Oftentimes a child would come and say to me, ‘Mother, I do not feel I love God enough to serve Him this ultimately.’ I would look at the child and I would scream for help from God. I would beg Him to put the right words in my mouth for I did not want to lose this child for Him. I could feel the beat of the heart, the pleading of the Soul. I would have to be firm and yet understanding. I had to say the things right then that would cause the child to think. I could let no emotions show except God’s Love. It was not easy.

After I left the earth, many followed in My steps. They stood in the same way I did: Mother, counselor. It was not easy for them. Many times they had to steel themselves and hold back the tears for they knew the way was not easy, the life was not perfect, and the dream of serving God had many burdens, much lonesomeness, and many hours of work. Seldom did a child truly want to give up the vocation, but when God has a Soul that loves Him so dearly, God’s enemy works hard to reach the Soul. The many years that have passed have repeated the story again and again.

Now you are in a time when the walls seem to be crumbling, the earth seems to be soft under most feet. Ideals are staggering from right to wrong, from wrong to right, modesty of dress never to be seen again. Wars are being fought needlessly, children being corrupted helplessly, and through all this many men say, ‘It’s a rotten world, I have given up on it.’ It is necessary for many, many, many Souls to stand as I did, in the capacity of strength, of courage, of love for God. Age does not make a child. The way he thinks, the way he walks, the way he loves determines the true age. A man of fifty sometimes can balance the scale of love with a child of five.

One of the purposes, one of the main reasons for This Beautiful Miracle of Joseph is to teach, to seek, to ask thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of children to become so strong that they can stand as I stood: counseling, leading, teaching the beauty of right, the purpose of right, the way of right, the need for right.

As I stood in the convent, you stand in the world. The only difference is the way of life. The purpose is the same. Each day you meet men who need your strength, your example, your counseling. Never be too busy, never be too tired, never be indifferent, for it may be that one word, that one kind act that will straighten the road for them.

Listen to their foolish thinking and go beyond it, for somewhere they will slip with a word, a thought, an anxiety, and it will be the key that you can grab onto, the link of love for God. Man has become so busy and yet he does no more than We did; but at all times when much turmoil comes to the world, it is because of time spent on self, catering to the flesh, to the material needs, desires, loves; and so many fall into the trap of satan.

I speak in knowing for I have served My God as man, and now I serve Him in the Heavens. I speak from knowledge of both ways. When you serve Him as man you will find a beauty indescribable, for Heaven cannot be described. Man could not fathom the Beauty. That is why All Saints Here work diligently, steadfastly, earnestly, hopefully, that all men will find the road Here.

I am not known for My soft way. The child has told you oftentimes I come in not lightly. It was necessary that you receive Each Word, for many men must see These Words. I am Teresa of Avila. I have come often through the child. The Miracle of Joseph must progress far and wide. It has been placed on the Winds of Love and must be carried across the lands, across the seas to all men. Before I leave I will give you the Blessing I gave my nuns: The Sign Of The Cross, the Sign of Love. So be it.”