Saint Not Named

Saint Not Named

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 2, 1970 at 8:27 pm


“The gathering is in My time. The room is crowded, many men discussing what you are discussing: the way of life, the time of day, and the way you act out each hour. In our room there were men who wondered if there was a God, and if there was, why did He not show Himself to prove His Way for us? The time in which you live has many men who say this too: ‘Have Him show Himself to me so I’ll believe what you do.’

It is not the Way of God to be commanded by all men, for God says, ‘Children, I created you and I will tell you when My Hand is to come in view to you, for I expect your prayers, your love, and sacrifices to Me to make amends.’

The time in which you live, My children, has been spared many things. Your daily tasks are easier in some ways than we had, but the searching then was truly there, for each man knew there had to be a Greater Power than he.

Listen to These Words and pass Them on to others. Tell them to look up more to the stars and the skies around them. In looking at these things it will bring them satisfaction, for it brings to mind, ‘No man can create what these do stand for.’ Tonight, before you lay your head, I ask you, children, to look up to the sky He made and say a prayer like this:

‘I know You’re in all things, my God, for I see it in this glance. Please help me more to understand and not to take a chance on ever turning from Your Way, for I do love You, God.

Thank You for the life You gave me and for those that I do love. Help me, God, to walk tomorrow and grow more in love with You. Help me see the things I need to see so I will help others gather around You. Don’t let my life be one alone but let me use it well. Help me to know the things I should and the thoughts on which I should dwell.

Help me let tonight be the beginning, my God, to strive for higher things in the Realm of Heaven. I love You, God, good night for now, and never leave my side, for each moment that I breathe, I need You, God, You’re mine.’ So be it.”