Saint Michael

Saint Michael

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 20, 1970 at 10:20 am


“I am Saint Michael and I come to you today to speak of the necessity to pray.  The battle must be won for it is in full swing.  Satan is working overtime to gain many things.  If every child of God would raise the Sword of Love, satan would fall, for he cannot stand The King.  He’s jealous, he’s envious and he strikes out in many ways through the children God created.

Remember to call My Name and I will answer quickly when you feel the danger of sin.  The time is now to begin.  Many children are falling into the abyss of Hell.  They know it’s there, but they do say, ‘Maybe I’ll escape.’ What they do not realize is, once he grabs ahold, whether it be through materialism or a selfish goal, he does not let go until the child screams to God, ‘I love You, God, don’t let me go.’

These Words are firm but They are needed.  These Words are true and They must be heeded.  So do not think that he’s not there; he is; and I do say to you, ‘Beware.’ Many, many, many children of all ages are committing sins of flesh, of mind, and they say, ‘It is of the times.’ So many times you’ve heard: ‘Be good.  Be in love with God.  Be firm in truth,’ but then your weakness somehow decides to cater to itself now.

Please, get on your knees and pray.  Grow in such love for God that evil will have to go away.  The Sword is Love, the Way is God’s.  The Purpose is to be a Saint among the Rest, as They did walk the way and They did have the test.”