God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 7, 1971 at 2:15 pm


“Let Us take a journey, traveling on land and on sea. I am your Heavenly Father. This is enough for thee. While you are with Me, you cannot sin, so it is wise you never stray and you never let go of My Hand. As We travel, you and I, many things will be evident to your eye and many things you would be wise to not see.

Let Us begin on land. We are walking Hand in hand. We are looking at all I have made. Some things that you see, you exclaim, because of the beauty that shines from them or through them. I enjoy your joy. I am happy to see the pleasure My Creations give to thee. All things I created were for you, for your needs, to help you.

You are My favorite creation for I gave you a Soul. I made you to My Image and Likeness, the ultimate creation, far beyond the sun, the moon, the earth, far beyond the stars, the trees, far beyond any invention I allow man to have, to do. You are the ultimate. Man does not realize the magnitude of his being. I do not mean power; I mean the simplicity, the purpose, the love of the human way.

The first Lesson has been taught, and now let Us walk toward the sea. As the water pushes itself against the shore, the tide governed by Me, controlled by Me, made by Me, will be even in its pattern, formed by Me. You must have no fear as long as you hold My Hand.

We travel now on this water. We look around and We see turmoil because of the earthly things. I smile and say, ‘Keep walking, you are safe as long as you are with Me.’

We come to an island. There are men on this island. My, We have traveled much, you and I. As We walk on shore, I wonder if you will be distracted by those you see. I do not mind distraction, as long as it does not take you away from Me. Remember this, and keep it in mind at all times so you will never go amiss.

We are walking on this island. It is surrounded by the sea. You become intrigued by the freedom of those you see. Right now I feel I must speak to alert you to the real freedom of life, and that is loving Me. As you walk, I hold your hand tight, but always with a pressure that you do not feel, for I give you the freedom of will to let go of My Hand or to hold It as tight as you can. This is the truest form of freedom for any man.

I say to you now, ‘It is time to go, We must be on Our Way.’ Are you ready to continue the journey of life with Me? I give you the chance to make this decision. What would yours be? Holding My Hand, going My Way, depending solely on Me, would not rob you of one thing. It would give you life, love, fullness, purpose, and yes, Eternity with Me.

My children, when We began this journey, We started fresh. I did not bring up the past. I did not say that there was one of you who could not travel My Way. Would this not say to you that today is a perfect day to begin anew, to begin afresh, to hold My Hand from now on and to forget the past?

I love you. It is a day of truth, a day of beginning, if you will but allow it to be. I ask you to make the decision. You have your free will to choose the world or Me.

I bless you with My Fatherly Love, with Faith in My Way, and with the courage to hold My Hand without delay, in every way, under all circumstances, for the rest of your days. So be it.”