Saint Francis
of Assisi

1181 - 1226

Saint Francis of Assisi

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 21, 1971 at 8:00 pm


“I am Saint Francis of Assisi. I come to This Miracle with Great Love but I come with great firmness, and I say to the sons in the room now, ‘Be cautious, be conscious for the magnificence of sacrifice and penance,’ and I say to you also, ‘Do not be led by other men to places you know that are full of sin, for when you do this you are weak and you are bound to be sorry afterwards.’

As I walked the earth I walked with many men. I walked, not in great power, but in humility and love for God, Who was All Power, Who is All Power.

I come to you through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph. Through This Miracle I say to you now: ‘Be aware of Sainthood. It is for you. Each man in the world now is entitled to Sainthood.’ Yes; and now I say, ‘Will you gain it?’ Remember, My sons and My daughters, that as the child is conceived, a will, a Guardian Angel and a Soul is put there for many reasons, and to give purpose to the life that is real. You use your will each day of your lives to do what God wants or what you please. Would it not be wise to do His Will first? for when you do, you will find your will, will not seem as important to you.

Many men are starving all over the world. Right now, there are many men who say: ‘Let them starve. They could have walked another way.’ What selfishness there is, perhaps not just among you, but the world is suffering much from this. Satan says, ‘Be selfish, be envious, be prideful, for these things will give you power among men.’ God says, ‘Walk in humility, obedience, self-discipline, trust and love, and do not worry about being great among men.’

As I walked the earth and I knelt to pray, I said to God one day, ‘Please help me to know what You want of me and help me never to stray.’ As the Wounds were inflicted upon me and God did not console me, I knew that I had acquired a cross. It was like The Son had walked with one day. The pain was there but so was the Grace. The dignity was there, and I say, ‘It took much self-discipline to withstand others gaping at these Wounds, and wondering why I, the man, had acquired these from God.’

You see, My children, the time in which I lived was, in many ways, as yours: sadness to God. There were many men seeking power and many men asking for great favors from one another. Man must change for man must say, ‘God is the only Way.’

I bless you on this night with the way I walked. It was not easy for Me, and I say, ‘It had many Graces and I want you to share Grace this way.’ So be it.”