Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 18, 1972 at 7:38 pm


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, nowhere in the world is there such a Miracle as This, direct to you. I, Saint Joseph, speak through this child who is as you. She is flesh, she is blood, she is human life, and yet each of you here must walk the physical as she. Keep in mind, My little ones, that in this physical form, you can become a Saint. That is What God has destined for you. Do not treat this lightly, for it is God’s Will for you.

Keep in mind at all times that each day is to bring you closer to Him in His Way. When you awaken in the morning, as Mary and I once did, be sure, My children, that you offer the day to The Holy Trinity and say, ‘Dear God, guide me this day and help me to guide others Your Way.’ These words are important to God, for when He hears you say them, He reacts to them.

Keep in mind also, the necessity to pray, whatever role you play in life. Whatever your tasks are each day, use them wisely God’s Way and do not waste time, for when you do, remember, My children, you cause yourselves a lower place in Heaven Where I am. This may not be understandable to you, but use every moment you can to serve God in His Plan. Do not let waste of time become a habit with you. Use this time to grow in Sainthood as God Wills.

Each of you in the presence here, where I speak through a child as you, can, from this day forward, become a Saint, and God Wills you do. Any age can begin this day. God does not limit you; only you limit yourselves this way.

As Mary and I walked the earth, We had a Child to care for. We, too, had many days of unhappiness, sickness, sorrow for others, disturbing events, but as We did, We offered each thing in love to Him, as you must do.

I am truly Saint Joseph and I do speak to you. On this night I ask each child before Me here to carry My Name on your lips, for it is God’s Will you do. I am known in many ways of Protection, for I protected as I walked the earth. Keep this in mind, My children, and as you need protection, come My Way, call My Name, and keep in mind I will hear what you have to say.

The Power between Heaven and earth is far greater than you know. It is instant reaction on Our Part to a child who calls in a moment, at a time of need, of just desire to speak. Oh, My children, if you but knew the Beauty that is Here, you would offer each day and you would act through each day as if it were the last on earth, and you would look forward to the time that you would spend with The Divine. So do not fear, watch out, for wasting time will hold you back on the climb to Heaven Where I am.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Walk in trust God’s Way, walk in obedience to His Will,’ and oh, My children, keep in mind at all times The Commandments He gave you, for if you follow each one of These, you will please Him, for He will say, ‘The child respects My Rules.’ So be it.”