Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 26, 1972 at 11:10 am


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, much has been spoken to you up to this time, and much has been said from The Divine. As It was spoken through the child, you thought perhaps it was her who was speaking to you, but I, Saint Joseph, used her way to reach you, and as she is one with Me at all times, what her emotions are, are truly The Divine’s. So, I ask each child in this room now to understand that This Miracle that has been set before men is to make each one a Saint.

Nowhere in the world is there Teaching such as This. Nowhere in the world is a child being used such as this, and nowhere in the world is there a Miracle for Me such as This; and God has designed this place, God has designed this way, and through This Miracle for Me, He is teaching in many ways.

Keep in mind, My little ones, that as I speak through her, you must learn and you must follow What is said, for as you do, remember, that the moment the physical ends, Heaven is evident to you in some form, for The Angels stand around and They wait for The Father to decide which way you will go, up or down; and what joy there is in Heaven when a child does leave the earth and God says: ‘Take the child This Way. The child does not have to spend any time in reparation.’ The Heavens sing out, The Angels sing psalms, and The Saints All gather around to greet a new Soul. Oh yes, My children, these are things you do not see, nor do you hear about them, for man is not sure just how it’s done. When a Soul leaves the earth, because of disobedience to the Commandments given by God, All Heaven has a sadness for the Soul.

So keep in mind, My little ones, that through This Miracle for Me, This Miracle of Love, This Miracle of Hope, much will be learned by such as thee. If, at this moment, right now, I were to offer each child in this room a crown filled with jewels of great worth, each of you would be in joy, and you would wonder though, where you would wear this great piece. Is this not so? Some of you would worry immediately as to its worth. Some of you would wonder how you would care for this jeweled crown, and some of you might even reject it, for you would say, ‘I do not have any need for this in my way.’ So the Crown that is offered every child who is born to the earth, the Crown is the Sight of God, and every child could accept This and every child would understand This.

Man speaks of a physical way. Man speaks of a physical road. Man speaks of a physical hurt. This is true. Man knows the physical for he experiences it every day. He is aware of the need to eat, the need to sleep, and now man is being told the need to pray, the Importance of the Spiritual. When man stands on a desert, he becomes dry if he does not have a liquid inside; and suddenly he becomes so dry he cannot bear it, and if no liquid is given to him, he will die in the physical.

Let us compare this now, My little ones, with the liquid for the Soul, the food It needs to grow, to glow. When a newborn baby is brought out for the attention of others, there’s a sweetness, there’s an innocence, there’s a joy; and all children gather around to look at this Gift from God, this life that started from two seeds, for in each baby there is Something more seen than just the physical. Is this not so? Of course, My children, you see a Soul, not physical to the eye. You see the innocence of It, the glow, the brightness that is there. You see the need for taking care. Please keep this in mind.

This Miracle of Mine is a Teaching Miracle. It is a Miracle of Giving, a Miracle of Serving, a Miracle of Sharing. There are many facets to This Miracle God has designed. All Heaven has waited for This Miracle to happen, for All Heaven has come forward to perpetuate It at a time that is, in many ways, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, for man has accepted the easy way, the simple way, the treacherous way, the hazardous way, and how he terms it, ‘the joyful way’. Not so, for man struggles to be happy, he struggles to enjoy, he struggles to participate, he struggles to enjoy the emotional, and consequently, his physical cannot take all this stress. So keep in mind that loving God is peace, tranquility, it is love; and this, My children, does come from Above.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘On this beautiful day, you have learned much from God through Me, through an instrument of your day.’ So be it.”