Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 27, 1972 at 8:03 pm


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, All Heaven stands by when children arrive at The Miracle that stands Solid, Logically, Beautifully, and for the Light to guide each man. I am The Son of The Father, and I speak of What I expect, What I want, What I desire.

There will be no more Crucifixion Scene of Me. It was sufficient one time, as Baptism is sufficient to wipe away what it must. The Crucifixion stands this way: Salvation for all mankind. This does not mean, though, My children, when you are baptized and you accept this suffering I had on the Cross one day, that you would do nothing in your way. God gave you a will to use, to grow, to deliver yourselves to Him one day. Use this will willingly, His Way.

There were many times that I sat with the Apostles. I loved each one, perhaps in a different way, but I loved them, for I knew they were to carry on God’s Truth, God’s Way; and as I spoke to them individually, I gave each man Wisdom that he could handle in his way. I did not speak to two and expect both men to handle What they heard equally; and so I speak on this night to each child here. I know What Teaching each of you will grasp, and I know how much each of you will absorb, and I know how much each of you will retain. I speak through this child, and to your eyes It looks natural. It is far from natural, It is Supernatural.

My children, when you awaken in the morning, keep in mind one thing: This day was given to you by God and He desires you to use it well, and also, that you will spend some time thinking of Him. So many times children awaken in the morning and there is no thought of God around, no feeling for Him. Children are too preoccupied with the worldly living. It is necessary, My little ones, to be aware that you must feed the Soul that is definitely there. God did not make man, man alone. He had a Greater Plan. The Plan was beautiful, for it was assurance to every man of a Greater Part of him that would one day spend Eternity with God.

When man makes a physical object, he knows the object will not last, and what spurs man on with this object is that another one will follow, perhaps; and so it is with the physical way: the human body will go away, but there will be a Greater Part Who will last for all days.

The Lesson I have taught, My children, is One of Love, and if you will but keep It in mind, you will be aware of the Power that came from It, and as you think of this, be sure that you do pray, for as you pray you will grow in Our Way.

I bless you with The Father’s Light and with My Heart, and I bless you with the Light to absorb the Teaching of this day so that your Soul will come right Here, and that is important. So be it.”