Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 2, 1972


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, it will be the prayer to Me, the Rosary that I hold dear, that will be laid out upon this Hill, almost to the foot of it. It will protect this Hill from the evil one. This Rosary of Light, of Truth, will fence in the Hill, and it will be seen from the air, it will be seen from the roads, and people will wonder why it’s there. It will be the boundary line of this Hill of Love. It will be the line that, when man crosses it, he will feel The Divine. The area of land that will be encompassed by these Beads will give men hope, love, for All Eternity.

I stand in the Heavens on this day that man celebrates in Honor of the Presentation, My Way, and I speak to children who know, with no doubt, that the Miracle of Love is among them and all about. As the Rosary lies in a special place evident to the sky, evident to land, and perhaps even seen by those on the sea, children will be reminded of Me, and this pleases The Divine Three. The Beads of Love, the Beads of Hope, the Beads that save many Souls, will be shown to the world this way for Me. Few men will be able to walk the extent these Beads will cover, but inside, where I will stand, the Chapel of My Way, men can draw close to the Beads that will surround the edifice for Me, and when men reach the Crucifix and touch the Feet of My Son, they will gain Grace from beginning to end. Remind them of this.

As it was said, all things on this Hill will have facts. Children will walk and learn. Children will come to receive knowledge, wisdom, truth, that no place else can give. There will be a path up this Hill for those who are ill, and as this path becomes crowded with crutches, with racks for children to lie upon, these children will feel the warmth of the Hill, the Grace, and no children will lack receiving the Grace, no matter how dark the Soul may be. It is a Hill of Hope for all mankind to walk upon and receive God’s Love.

As I speak through this child, you are all aware it is I Who is speaking, not she, and as you are fully aware of this, I say to you now, ‘The Grace that you will receive on this Hill of Love will be as truthful, as evident as These Words.’ Souls are to be saved. Life is to be seen. Men must see beginning. Men must feel the flow of God’s Love, as if a chalice were standing in the sky and the chalice were flowing down to each level of the Hill, absorbing the children who come by. The chalice will not be seen to the eye but it will always be there day and night. It will be a Hill of service, catering; a Hill of Love, a Hill to give men hope.

As I bless you on this day, I say, ‘As The Heavenly Son draws His Hand to a point, the edifice must rise His Way, and as The Heavenly Father has designed the whole Hill, We are All ready to give Direction through the child this way.’

Cling to the Rosary, My children, hang on to it tight, for through the prayers on these Beads, Souls will arrive Here for All Eternity.

Pilgrims will come from all over the world, delighted to see a place dedicated this way. Men will come and try to imitate this place, for you see, they will feel the Grace and they will not always know what it is they feel; and they will try to return to their countries and tell others what they experienced, and they will say, ‘Why can we not have this Hill of Hope?’

This will be the only place in the world such as this, and those who cannot come will receive the Words that pour forth through the chalice of Love. The Books are to be translated in languages for all over, so no child is left out, left without Heaven’s Words. The day must come, the children will be able to speak to each other, and all will understand the meaning of this Hill in your land. God has designed a plan for men to know of this place in other lands. Not one thing has gone unthought of. Keep this in mind. And as men, in a laboring way, put one board on top of the other, each one they place will be done for a reason other than men’s; it will have Divine Way.

The Tabernacles on this Hill will all have a distinction. The main edifice will be shown as the Ark of the Covenant. Mine will have pearl surrounding It. God has designed It this way, and the one in the Room of Saints will have the color of ruby all over It. It will depict the blood that was shed out of love for God by the martyrs of the first days, and by all those who gave their life, clinging to Him. It will also depict the Blood My Son gave for man. In these Tabernacles, the Body and Blood of The Divine Three will rest and It will be given to every man who comes for the Ultimate Gift.

Oh, My children, this Hill of Love is God’s Love for man, not man’s for God. This Hill of Love will face many tests because man will fight God’s Way for it to be done; and He will stand firm through this child, and she must stop men who are not willing to do God’s Will. There is a Great Light Heaven is giving to man. The beacon is small but the Rays are running wild to every man, for the Power behind the beacon is stronger than any power man knows. The Power is God.

I love you, and I ask you to save your Souls. So be it.”