Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 23, 1972 at 9:18 am


“Man oftentimes works on instinct. In some instances, this is good; in some, it is not. This Hill of Hope will not be worked upon this way, nor will it be accomplished in this manner. This Hill has been planned for centuries. This Hill is to come about totally God’s Way. The Hill is not just a group of edifices, nor is this Hill a site for people to come to with fun, delight. This Hill is to be honored and revered in a way, in a manner that shows dignity, God’s Way.

Men are to enter this Hill, not with a picnic atmosphere, but with a look to Heaven for what is here. The Hill is to teach man God’s Way, God’s Truth. This does not say men are to not enjoy this Hill, but men are to see this Hill for its worth. It is not just a plot of ground. It is a place God has planned for men to walk upon and gain Grace.

Every dwelling here is to depict God’s Love, God’s Generosity, God’s Flexibility, God’s Grace, God’s Trust. Every place is to radiate Divine Grace, Divine Love. This Hill of Hope is to extend God’s Hand to man. It is not a place where commercialism will be. It is a place that must be entered, making all children conscious of the Souls God gave to each.

Man, in hearing words, looks for his own definition, or the definition of another human being. Very often, The Heavenly Father, in using a word, means ten million times more than man could mean; for instance, the word ‘Grace’. The definition of this has been set down in a particular way, but The Heavenly Father’s Meaning of this word has so much more meaning than man could ever say.

Everything about Heaven, Everything that God desires for His children, Everything that is taught through This Miracle of Mine, is extending man’s scope to The Divine. It is teaching man God’s Great Realm. It is showing man, in many ways, God’s Power. It is encouraging man to lean upon God alone.

More men must come to This Miracle of Mine. They must come in droves to hear the Words so sublime. They must stand and listen, they must sit and listen, they must kneel and listen to the Teachings that will be.

Oh, My children, you live in a time of great heresy. You live in a time of weakness. You live in a time where man has accustomed himself to leaning upon man, forgetting the Strength of God, the Power of God, the reason of the physical.

Man forgets very easily, and sometimes, in man’s forgetting, he rejects God’s Way completely. He says: ‘I am not ready for This Miracle. I do not want to give up life,’ but what man does not understand is This Miracle will give man life. It will give men Truth to cling to. It is Security for the world, and if the learned men will begin to look into the parallels It is, and look to the parables It says, It delivers, they will see the Hand of God. They will see the Truth of The Holy Trinity, and they will see the necessity for this Hill of Hope, but so many men are afraid of This Miracle. They are afraid to come forth because they are afraid they will become involved in the Truth It is. We watch innocent children being distracted from It because the evil one does not want them to come near It, and they have become so used to leaning upon man that they do not seek out the Truth that is always Here, Where I am.

Throughout time, there has been no great announcement about Me. I have remained in the Heavens, and through a few children, I have worked Miraculously, but the time is now that I have come to the world in a Manner of Great Importance to man, and I come to the world at God’s Command, for it is His Will that it be this way.

As I become known throughout the world, men will seek out this child to find out who she is and why she would be chosen and not another one, and many men would say, ‘She would not be my choice.’ She knows this; We have prepared her in this way, but in her obedience to the Commands from Here, she must do only what We say. I am as One with her; All of Heaven is as One with her. She is a fork We use to gather the Souls to come Here, and the more you understand this way We think of her, the more you will understand the work that must be done through her, and the more you will want to be part of the fork that she is.

Oftentimes, when I lift the little fork, her tiredness says, ‘Unless You hold me, I cannot remain firm.’ I smile at her and I say: ‘I extend the strength you need today. Obey Me.’ And that is how she lives, in constant obedience to Us, constant listening for Our Entrance. The Entrance is different than anyone has ever experienced. It is a pouring in of a Divine Being with a human child, and that is why it is so instant, so spontaneous, so flexible, and so enjoyable when you listen, for We become part of her whole body, every inch of it.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I fully understand your needs. There is no part of you We do not know. There is no thought you have We do not see. So keep in mind, My children, that to have a strength, you must stay close to The Holy Trinity, and as you stay close to Them, you are close to Us. It is God’s Way, God’s Will, it be done thus.

And All the Angels in Heaven are fully aware of this child’s presence, and oftentimes when They come through her, she shuts Them out. We smile at this, for there is a slight difference in how she feels with Them.

I cannot describe This Miracle so Profound, in detail, to everyone around, but I have told you much today, and in the telling, I have given you Grace. Do not try to understand this Grace, but accept It with love It was given, and help It to grow by growing in love with The Holy Trinity. Each child must learn of The Holy Trinity. Each child must begin to see the Beauty of The Holy Trinity, and every child in the world must begin to accept God for What He Is, Who He Is, The Power He Is.

Oh, My children, I bless you for your work in This Miracle of Mine. I bless you for the Truth you must stand in, and I bless you in Truth, for that is how all things must be handled in This Miracle Divine. No untruths, no falsehood must ever be shown, be handed out, be given, be extended, be thought about. This Miracle is Truth. God is All Truth. I bless you with My Protection, and I say to each of you, ‘Stay close to Me, My little ones, and I will protect you.’ So be it.”