Saint Philip

c. 5 AD - 80 AD

Saint Philip

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 23, 1972 at 7:31 pm


“My sons and My daughters, as I speak it is truly direct to you. I stand in the Heavens and I am in use of God’s Power through a child as you. You are unaware of the Power, for if It touched you, you could not stand the Greatness of It. It is a Power unknown to man, a Power that cannot be developed by man, and It is a Power that loves you.

As I stand Here I wish to relate to you the way I walked in the world a long time ago. I am Saint Philip.

As I walked I suffered, and yet, through the suffering, I knew the only way to endure it was to ask God’s Love, God’s Strength, and I say to you on this night, ‘You, too, have sufferings to endure, some great, some small, and I suggest you ask God to help you.’

Children have lost the beauty of asking their God for things. They have become so accomplished themselves that they lean only on themselves or other men. The beauty of leaning on God is that He created you, He knows you, and He always extends His Hand, so whether the suffering be of the mind or the heart or the body, I say to you on this night, ‘Lean on God, My children, for He is always Right and He never denies a child Light.’

I stand in the Heavens, as I will through All Eternity, and I suggest to each one here to offer each day, offer each suffering, and ask God to hold your hand. So be it.”