Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 23, 1972 at 7:50 pm


“My beloved children, I will speak stronger than The Beloved Heavenly Mother did, for as I walked the earth I was a man, and now I am a Saint in Heaven. This Miracle of Mine has been sent forth to the world to help mankind spend Eternity with God. I am Saint Joseph.

This time in which you live, I come forward now, for now it is a time of great sorrow, great grief, great trouble, and The Heavenly Father is sending Me to show you the beauty of obedience and the beauty of trusting in Him.

When The Heavenly Mother walked the earth as My Wife, We walked much like you, caring for Each Other, caring for the day, partaking in the daily tasks and doing all things We should. At repast time We joined in talk about the daily way. We discussed the problems of Our friends and the need that some We knew had that day. We prepared Ourselves for the following day, and as We did, We walked around the house, discussing what We felt should be accomplished in that day, as you do in your way.

There were many times Our Beloved Son would discuss with Us the situations all around. We knew the Wisdom that He had was from a Greater Source and We knew that This Child was destined to walk a road for God alone. We did not discuss what He would face, but We took each day as it would come, not anticipating problems, but solving them one by one; and this, My children, is for you.

Do not try to take a lifetime and accomplish it in one day. It cannot be done. And that is why This Miracle of Mine, given to mankind, in the midst of you, is a Miracle of every day, a Miracle of Truth. God did not send It for one day, one month, one year, but It is continuous for you; and each day is handled as We feel it should be, moment by moment. And as the children come to hear the Words from The Divine, We speak Them for the ones present, and We touch the hearts of those who open up their hearts to Us.

And so I say to you on this night, ‘I love you in My Way and I understand the troubles of your day, but I also understand that you walk in a time of great trouble.’ God has not diminished, but man has diminished his idea of God, and now I come to the world to change that thinking.

The Heavenly Father has designed a place of hope for you, a place for you to go to, and learn more of Him; a place for you to stand and look around the world, a place for you to feel good in, a place that will surely give you hope. It is a Hill, My children, and in many ways compared to the Hill of Calvary, for on the Hill of Calvary man was given hope. And now The Father sends Me, another Son, to the world in a different way; but here again, a Hill is involved, and it is not too far away.

The Hill will have upon it, homes of rest for pilgrims to come from all over the world, to feel God, to learn to know Him and to love Him. Another house says, ‘Oh, My children, rest,’ and this will be a retreat from the world. There will be a Monastery upon this Hill where men will serve this Hill, and you will be able to go and say, ‘Please, Father, take my sins away.’ And this priest will know the power of his Gift, and he will say, in many ways, the advice that We will give. Upon this Hill there will be a place for women to honor The Holy Trinity, and on this Hill there will be a place for the physical to be nourished, to give men strength to pray.

And then, upon this Hill there will be a Room to The Beloved Holy Mother. Also, My children, All Saints will be recognized upon this Hill of Hope. There will be a Basilica in My Honor, but housing The Holy Trinity first. So as this Hill comes to completion in God’s Way, God’s Time, man says, ‘It cannot be done,’ and God says, ‘It is My Will from The Divine.’ And no man must stand in the way of this Hill being completed, for God’s Will must be done in your time. My Name is fast becoming known, for This Miracle of Love, This Miracle of Hope is on the Winds of God’s Power and in the Power of God’s Wind.

Oh, My children, you have been Blessed on this night as you entered the door. You were met by The Holy Family. You did not see Us, but nonetheless, We were there, for some of you have come in great hope, some of you have come in great despair, and some of you have come, saying, ‘It cannot be real, God does not work this way.’ Oh yes, He does, My children, and you have partaken in This on this night. Keep this in mind, and remember this: We welcomed you at the door.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Hope, and I say, ‘Wipe away despair, it solves nothing; and in its place put hope, for where there is hope there is life; and where there is life, let it be God’s Way.’ So be it.”