God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 23, 1972 at 8:01 pm


“My beloved sons and My beloved daughters, since the Announcement of This Miracle, many men have made decisions on how I would design such a Miracle. None have come up with the correct design. No man can anticipate what I would do or how I would do it.

As I speak through this child, it is direct to you from Heaven. I created you and I created the world, I created the universe. Why would I not then have the power to create a Miracle and partake in It, as I always do? I, your Father, speak openly to you, using the physical of one of you to reach the world. I place her in a normal atmosphere, in a natural surrounding, in a human way. I have been known all through time to use My Creations to perform My Own Will, and to help mankind.

The world has fallen into a pattern of sin. Man has forgotten how to pray because he has become so involved with the human way that he has forgotten Me. I do not care if man does not agree with My Thinking, but I do care if man does not obey Me. In My Plan I gave man The Rules to live by, easy to understand, but now These Rules are being set aside and replaced by man’s thinking. I say to man on this night, ‘Obey My Commandments; I Command You To Do So.’ I did not create man to be lost to Me.

I speak slowly through the child for I use a Great Power to reach you. I come to you on this night because I love you. I love you in a way you cannot know, to a degree you cannot know, and in a manner far superior to man. In My Creation of all things, I had a firm plan. The enemy thrives on jealousy and many men are following him. He cannot love, he can only hate. Is this not foolish then, My children, to participate in anything he offers?

I showed, through My Son, the beauty of prayer; and I showed, through My Son, the beauty of sacrifice and love and trust. I showed, through My Son, the beauty of obedience. My Generosity has no boundaries.

Oh, My children, on this night I say, ‘Sift the untruth and let it go away.’ If, when you sift, there is but a small amount left, if it be truth cling to it, for it will grow. You are but children to Me.

Many men would say, ‘The Father would not speak.’ This is foolish banter, foolish way. I did not create man and then go away. As I placed This Miracle of a Beloved Son upon the earth, I am much a Part of This Miracle, but through This Miracle I intend to show man the Beauty of the Heavens, the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist, of Which I Am; the power of prayer, the necessity for sacrifice, and how I love obedience.

I give man hope as I once did a long time ago through Another Son, and this time I give it through The One Who was His Father upon the earth. Man must get to know This Beloved Saint, man must speak His Name out, man must honor Him.

I, your Father, bless you in many ways. My speaking to you tonight was a Blessing you cannot know, but in which you partake. I ask each child in My Presence here to become a Saint. I will not deny you Sainthood if you grow in love with Me. I cannot deny you anything for I truly love each of thee. I grant you what I know is best, I allow what I know will help you; and when you face a test I am ever ready to stand by you, but sometimes, children, you forget to call upon Me. I bless you. I am The Father of The Holy Trinity. I am your God. I Created Everything.”