Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 18, 1972 at 7:56 pm


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, This Miracle of Mine is to give you firsthand God’s Love for you. My children, at no time in the world has there been so much Teaching, so much Truth given through a child, except, of course, The Divine Son.

The enemy of God has worked many angles to tear down man’s physical, emotional and Spiritual. There have been so few men in the world willing to stand up for the truth, willing to defend it, willing to accept it. So now, through This Miracle of Mine, The Heavenly Father comes to all mankind.

I come on this night to tell you of a Great Plan God has for man, that has been revealed through this child. Man is walking in an era of hopelessness. Man must have hope. There are many facets to hope: When a child has hope, there is strength; when a child has hope, there is courage; when a child has hope, the will seems to be able to stand more, to fight for more.

Now, in the world, God gives you hope. There is a place designed by God called ‘the Hill of Hope’. Upon this Hill all mankind will learn God’s Way, God’s Will. In His Ultimate Love for man, He has thought of all things upon this Hill: the physical and the Spiritual.

There will be a place set aside for men to come to, away from the world, and yet be much a part of the world. It will teach man to not look at God in an ethereal way, but to see the beauty of the physical way. It will show man the practical side of being man. It will give man strength to perform the physical tasks so necessary in the way of man; and, on the other hand, it will give man God’s Love, God’s Wisdom, God’s Teaching, and all things will be balanced out to show man the Beauty of God’s Plan.

The Hill, My children, has been placed in an area close to you. It has been placed here for reasons of God’s. Pilgrims will come from all over the world to participate in God’s Love. Many men will fight this Hill and many of these men will be satan’s pawns, for you see, this Hill is Hope and satan will rob all mankind of hope, for when he does, when he can, he weakens man. God is ever ready to strengthen you. God is ever ready to give you His Love. Satan envies you and satan will rob you whenever he can.

Men, dedicated to the physical way, will work on this Hill, but only those who love God can participate in this Hill. Children of all ages will grow in love, some for the first time, with The Heavenly Ones. The Heavenly Mother’s Beads of Love will encircle this place, so that men who are traveling will be alerted to Her Way. So few children stop and pray the Beads She loves, the Beads that are oftentimes used to release the Souls from Purgatory.

Upon this Hill there will be many Chapels, many Tabernacles housing The Holy Trinity. One Chapel will be dedicated to Saint Michael. One Chapel will be dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi. One Chapel will be dedicated to Saint Therese of Lisieux. One Chapel will be dedicated to Saint John Vianney. One Chapel will be dedicated to The Heavenly Heart, The Sacred One; that will be the physical part. One Chapel will be dedicated to All The Saints in Heaven, the Great Ones, the Little Ones. One Chapel will be dedicated to The Queen of All, The Heavenly Mother; and one Chapel will house The Holy Trinity, with a Place of Honor for Me.

God has designed every spot on this Hill, for you see, it will be the Salvation for thousands who come to this Hill. And I ask you on this night, ‘If The Father or The Son were to ask you direct, “Are you ready to come?” what would you say?’ I say to you now, My little ones, ‘If you had not grown in love with Them, you would make excuses, but if you had grown in love with Them to a degree higher than you have, you would say, “Oh yes, my God, please take my hand,” and there would be a joy surrounding you, there would be a happiness, there would be a glow; but, you see, so few children grow in love with God; they grow in love with man.’

I bless you and I say, ‘I will readily protect you with the Mantle I wore one day, the one I oftentimes placed around the Child, if you will but ask My Way.’ As I speak through this child, I speak All Truth. This Miracle of Mine is on the Power of God’s Winds and on the Winds of His Power, for all mankind. My children, be alert to truth, be obedient to God’s Way, and do not trust solely in man, for if you do, you will be lost along the way. Trust solely in God, for He gave you the physical and He gave you a Soul, and He wants both to come This Way. I bless you and I say, ‘As The Father loves you, I love you, His Way.’ So be it.”