Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 23, 1972 at 1:17 pm


“My children, I am your Heavenly Mother. I speak through this child many times, and I come again now, to give you a Lesson that, in many ways, will give you Direction.

Children place much emphasis on the physical school of their day, and in this place so little is being taught of Divine Way. Children are being cheated of how to love God, how to serve Him, how to better understand Him, and they are not being taught the Privilege of the physical way, the Purpose of this way.

The evil one, the enemy, has diminished the beauty of prayer, has encouraged man to ignore communication with Here. Children are shouting for what they know was left behind by The Saints Who are Here, but what they do not understand or realize is that God, in His Perfection, designs His Way for the time man is living in that day. He does not say that the past is not for now; it is just that His Way of reaching man is Personal for the time that man is in existence now.

Children are, in many ways, being pushed aside so that the elders can enjoy the sensitive ways. Children are following in some of these ways, for how else can they know it is wrong unless they are told, unless they are taught? But man has become so indifferent to the Souls of the little ones that man is standing in all self-love, showing the little ones that self-pleasure is important above all things.

This Miracle is being sent to the world to show mankind in a visible way, the beauty of modesty, the importance of purity, and yes, the need for virtue to be once again recognized as important to man and in his way.

Sometimes the Words come so rapidly through this child that her physical can hardly grasp the One as It is sent forth on the Power God gives to be used to reach mankind through her. Sometimes she says, ‘Wait, please, I cannot say the Words.’ We smile at this for We understand weariness, and sometimes listening to What We say causes her to be slower in man’s way. Oh yes, what Love is given through her, is God’s.

Children are accepting fallacies in everything. Children are accepting heresy because it is being given to them, shown to them in a light that looks good to them. Children are being told to practice what makes them feel good, and this is satan’s way of enticing them. If children would only listen to the Words that We say, children would begin to see the Truth in Them, the Beauty of Them, and the Purpose They are meant for in your day.

I stand in the Heavens, always eager to take a Soul from Purgatory, to place the Soul at the Feet of God. Too few children are praying the Holy Rosary. They are too busy indulging in self-satisfaction, self-acclaim, glory for their own name. They are ignoring the Beads of Hope, the Beads of Purity, the Beads of Love.

This plan that satan has put forth upon the earth to gather children, to take them away from The Father, is doing just that, for children are falling into the trap: the trap of egotism, the trap of pride, the trap of self-love, the trap that says, ‘Ignore God.’ Many names are being used for these traps: one is Promiscuity, one is Homosexuality, one is Narcotics, one is Alcoholism, one is Mafia, one is Communism; one is Satanic Movement, and children are following it; one is Pentecostalism, one is the Jesus Movement; all facades for his work. I could go on and on with these words, and they are all being used by the evil one to encourage children of all walks of life to enjoy the way of the physical life.

True enjoyment of the physical life is: first, to learn to know about God; secondly, to communicate with Him; third, to recognize the Purpose of the physical life and strive for It, for It shows all happiness, all peace, all tranquility, for all time; but children have become so used to living for the moment, living for self-love, that they do not look for the Future which should be Above.

I am coming through This Miracle of Hope to teach children the Beauty of the Holy Rosary; also, to seek the Protection of The Beloved Saint Joseph, for He was The One that God gave to The Son and to Myself, to protect Us, to care for Us, to lead Us to where God wanted Us to be.

Oh, My children, you live in a time of great trouble, great disaster. It is a time that God says to All of Us Here: ‘Go forward and teach them My Way. Teach them My Love, for I cannot bear to see their Souls go the other way.’ Oh, My children, do not let anything of the evil one’s rub off on you, but place each day in a beautiful way, and pray for those who cannot see the Light of This Great Miracle.

We stood upon the earth as a Family. We once again stand Here in the Heavens as a Heavenly Family for you to come to, for you to love, and for you to listen to. Keep this in mind. You have learned many Terms of Ours through this child, and oftentimes, when repeated Ones are spoken, you immediately know that We are The Ones delivering the Lessons, the Teachings, the Words.

I bless you now, My little ones, and I say, ‘Hang on to My skirt and I will protect you with My Love, which God says is Perfect.’ So be it.”