Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 14, 1972 at 9:20 pm


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, at no place in the world am I speaking through a child such as this. I am your Mother.

There are many issues to be cleared up by you and through you. The manner in which they are to be done must be God’s Will, God’s Way, God’s Plan. There are so many obstacles yet to arise before you, for this is satan’s way of stopping, delaying God’s Way.

On this Great Hill, men will begin to see the hope that is to be for the whole world. Men will gather from every corner of the globe, to pray, to learn Truth, and to follow God’s Way. Right now, you stand in one spot in the world, and yet one day you will stand upon this Hill and you will see men being drawn from every land, all colors, all creeds, and you will remember back to the Foundation, to the Formation, to the Plan. You will be such a part of this Great Hill that you will feel the Glow of God’s Love, and to you It will be real.

Satan is trying every means to delay this Hill of Hope. It is true that the monies must come from many areas so that the physical can be built, for you see, children attach themselves to the physical form, even where The Holy Trinity is.

Right now in the world, children are wondering: ‘What is the Hill of Hope? Why is Saint Joseph connected with This?’ All Heaven smiles and says: ‘This Hill is God’s Love for man and God is allowing man to perform on this Hill according to God’s Will. God is allowing man to participate in this Great Hill. God could allow this Hill to be built in a moment, in a flash, but then, how would man gain Grace? So God is allowing man and giving man the chance to participate and to perform for Him.’

Each child who accepts a task upon this Hill must do it for love of God, out of love for God, and desiring to love Him more. This must be the sign of love that is seen.

Thousands will come to work on this Hill. You are but a few, and as you multiply like ‘the loaves and the fishes’, God will be pleased at you, for you, for you see, you are children of His. He created you and He wants each of you and all others to serve Him, to kneel to Him, and to treasure the love you have for Him.

I stand in the Heavens and I watch over you. I am always present on the Hill. You do not see Me but perhaps one day, when the edifice is built in Honor My Way, you will feel My Presence in this place, for it will be God’s Will for you.

Prayers will be said, in pilgrimage way, around this Hill. Children will come to pray, some for physical cures, some for mental help, and yes, some for the material way. By whatever way man comes, they will be Blessed in a special way.

When the lights on the Basilica light up the sky at night, those who fly overhead will see and wonder and say, ‘I wonder what is happening there today?’ And the men in charge on these flights will say, ‘That is the Hill of Hope, Saint Joseph’s Way.’

And now I bless you with Love and I say, ‘Handle each obstacle, God’s Way, and as I send Sanctity to each in the form of an Odor, I smile and I bless you with Grace.’ So be it for today.”