Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 23, 1972 at 8:40 pm


“My beloved children, I will speak slowly on this night for I intend to have each child in My Presence here better understand the responsibility that was also Mine when I walked the earth. I am Saint Teresa of Avila.

It is necessary in the worldly way, to build edifices and places for children to stay. It is part of the physical way, and in such an undertaking, there are certain children that must give of themselves and sacrifice in a special way.

When man is born to the world, he is given time: time to work, time to pray, time to play. Man must develop his own way of patterning his life in a special way. The will that was given to man by The Father, at the moment of conception, is important to man, for it will be through this will that man will design his way of life, plan his moments, and decide which way he will go.

Let us take now this Great Hill of Hope. Oh, My children, it is not just a hill as you know a hill to be; it is a Special Place, designed by The Father, to guide man to Eternity. Upon this mound of soil, God has designed places for children to relax the mental, to control the mental, and to teach the physical how to respond to God’s Way.

The Commandments will be evident to all men and the meanings of Each One will be shown so children will not just haphazardly gaze at Words, but will suddenly realize that These Words have great meaning, great purpose for the Soul.

Children will begin to understand and realize what suffering had to be, for you see, children take many things for granted that are given by The Holy Trinity. As man gazes upon the physical forms of natural stature, man will see that in order to walk the path to Calvary, took much Love, took hope, took trust, for the agony in Their Faces will be there, and man will suddenly see, not a cleaned look, not cleanliness as he knows cleanliness to be, but the True Agony. And when the vision comes and man suddenly arrives at the Crucifixion, man will suddenly know that This Son had to be driven by a Force, by a Love Far Greater than man knows Love to be. Keep this in mind, My children, as you walk the earth.

The love you feel, the love you know, is small compared to the Love The Father has for you, the Love that He created you with, and the Love that He allows you to have each moment of your day. It was truly Love for The Father that allowed a Son, a Man, to suffer the Agony that This One did for all men.

And now upon the earth there is a child, chosen as a sacrificial lamb, to help all peoples understand the Meaning of life, the Purpose of life, the Truth of life.

Each day, God gives you time, and many times you waste this time. You do not use it in a practical way but in a wasteful way. You do not see the moments of the day as they truly are. You accept them, and yes, in some ways, you destroy them. There are many moments in the day that you could be in prayer to Him in little ways. The movement of your hand to do an act for another man or yourself, if done in His Name, grants you Love, Grace. It will be one day known to you, as you stand at the Judgment Place, that God will say, ‘Oh, child, why did you not understand that to give Me love, in the way of man, would give you Sainthood Here with Me?’ And you will say in humility, ‘Oh, my God, if I had known the Glory of Your Way, I would have bent lower every day.’

So now, through This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Love, you are being taught to be aware of the practical side of life, of hope, of truth. You are being taught to be alert to every moment of the day, and you are being taught to practice giving to God little things, your way. All of Heaven has come forward through This Miracle of Love. All Heaven is ready every moment of the day when the child is with you. Those who are close know that in a moment’s notice We might speak, and they listen for the Words, they listen for the Teaching, and they feel the Power of the way.

God placed one seed, and He has nourished the seed in many ways. And through this nourishment, He feeds you in so many ways. And through this one seed, the world will be fed with Bible History. Can you not see the Power of God in this Great Love of His? Can you not see the Grace? Can you not feel hope? Can you not experience the dignity that is all around, and can you not see obedience, can you not see the trust, can you not see the beauty of the way?

Soon, the child will take respite from those close. It must be, for you see, a time such as this is ordered by God, for the human form, the human being must, at different times of life, take rest to retreat from the pressures of the way God has planned it to be.

Oh, My children, man must listen to the Lessons taught, to the Teachings given, to the Love shown. There were many times when I walked the earth and I was commanded by God, in a particular way, to build another house. I immediately would beseech The Beloved Saint Joseph, and I would say to Him: ‘As You protected Mary, You must protect me. And as You protected The Holy Family, You must come forward and protect this place where God wants children to be.’

And when a child would kneel before me and say, ‘Mother, I do not feel the Gift of this way,’ I would beg The Father and say, ‘Oh, Father, do not let me say one word that will cause this Soul to stray.’ And so I know that the burden of This Great Miracle upon this child is one alone. Mine was not this way. Mine was similar in another way; but as you gather with this child, you see the happiness, you feel the joy, and you experience the peace. Remember this as you go your way. Keep My way in mind, for I, too, had to build. I, too, had to sacrifice, and I, too, had to pray for God’s Love to be shown through me.

There are Many, Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who are standing ready to help you if you will but succumb your will to God, if you will but say to Him, ‘Let all things I do radiate Your Love.’ Oh, My children, This Miracle of Hope has been given to the world because of God’s Love for you. React to It, respect It, accept It, join It, and help to perpetuate the Meaning of It.

I bless you with God’s Love for It is the only Love I know. I bless you with The Heart of The Son, and I say to you, ‘Let It beat with yours as one alone.’ And through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, you receive the Light of The Holy Ghost, the Wisdom of the Truth. Be blessed in this manner and in this way, and seek Grace in everything you do each day. So be it.”