Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 14, 1972 at 9:28 am


“My beloved children, as you gather in joy, happiness and zeal, I say to you from Heaven Where I am, that what radiates from you must radiate throughout the world for My Miracle of Truth. Children in other places must feel the happiness you feel, the joy you have begun to know. This Miracle is a Way of Truth, a Way of Hope, a Way of Love, a Way for all children to come Above.

As you gather, telling each other of the happiness you know, you must spread this happiness to faraway places, in all corners of the world. Children must know the Words from Here, in their language, in their way, and they must begin to read the Words that We have said through this child for years. Children must begin to see in print, the Purpose of life, the Way of life, the Direction to Here. You must get translators to do this job, to tackle this great task for God.

Oh, My children, you are familiar with just a spot of This Miracle of Hope. And now as I leave, I bless you in many ways, and I bless you with Love, for you see, it is your love for God that encourages thee, but it is His Love for you that gives you the privilege to serve in a special way. It is His Love for you that says, ‘Oh, child, come My Way.’ So be it.”