1392 BC - 1272 BC


Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 6, 1972 at 11:02 am


“Why must the child be so surprised at My entrance?  I will tell you why, My children.  She is little as you, she is human as you, and the excitement of such a Vision is new to her, as it is to you.  I come on this day for a special reason. The child stands in awe of the Vision she sees, so bear with her as you stand with God’s trees.

There are so many things to be taught about The Commandments God gave.  Children have diminished Them in many ways, for you see, My children, the meaning of These Commandments is a Beauty to behold, for They are truly the rays from God’s Will for each of thee.  As each Commandment was given, it had special meaning, it had a special purpose, a special place; and yet, through time, man has forgotten the Beauty of God’s Rules and man is on the decline.  Man says, ‘I am weak,’ but God says, ‘I will give you strength, for I have given you The Rules to live by, The Commandments of every day.’

So, My little ones, as I stand in Vision to this child, These Words are passing through her, but she is held by the Vision all the while.  She has not heard the Words I say, for she cannot take her eyes off of the Angels Who stand with Me in God’s Way.

The Purpose of This Miracle is to give man, firsthand, All Truth.  The Purpose of This Miracle is to give God’s Love to you.  The Purpose of This Miracle is to rid the world of heresy.  The Purpose of This Miracle is to draw Souls to God for All Eternity.  The Purpose of This Miracle is to teach the world obedience:  with Gentleness, with Kindness, with Generosity, with Flexibility, with Hope, with Wisdom.  The Purpose of This Miracle is to give man responsibility.  The Purpose of This Miracle is to draw man out of the briar patches, into the open land.  The Purpose of This Miracle is to give Hope to every man.

I bless you with The Rules of God, with The Commandments He did give.  I bless you with the Light that gives Purpose to all men.  So be it.”