Saint John
the Baptist

c. 1 AD - 28-36 AD

Saint John The Baptist

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 9, 1972 at 10:45 am


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, nowhere in the world has there ever been such a Miracle as This. Nowhere in time has a child been such an instrument as this. Nowhere in time has such Wisdom been taught, except, of course, when The Son walked the earth.

My children, I am Saint John The Baptist. The beloved Padre Pio spoke to you first about the Beauty of Baptism, and it was The Father’s Will He do so. And now, I, Saint John The Baptist, come to you and say, ‘This Gift, this Love, this Sacrament, was given to the world because of the Importance of It, the need for It, and yes, the responsibility It gives to man.’ You see, My children, so many children are eliminating this Great Love. They are saying, ‘Let it be at a later date,’ but they are overlooking time, and they are saying, ‘God will give the time for it to happen.’ Do not depend upon time, for you see, God controls all this from The Divine.

So, if you know of a child who has not had the water poured upon the head, and if you know of a child of any age who says, ‘It cannot be now, I will wait,’ please, My children, talk of truth to this child and let them see the Importance of the pouring of the water by a Man of God, for you see, God says, ‘The child must have this cleansing, the child must have this before the child in the physical is dead.’

I bless you with God’s Love, I bless you with God’s Power, and I say, ‘Keep in mind the pouring of the water, the correct way.’ So be it.”