Saint Agnes

c. 291 - c. 304

Saint Agnes

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 16, 1972 at 10:40 am


“My children, I am Saint Agnes. I come with a gentle Note, in all Love, and I say to children who stand on a Hill in dedication to a Very Holy Man, to a Beloved Saint of God, to One in Whom God places much Responsibility, much Power: I come to you not as a child, but as a Saint, and I say, ‘Direct all things in your life This Way.’

And when other men laugh and say, ‘It is a foolish way you walk,’ look at the man, be firm in your way, and say: ‘The privilege of the physical way is one alone. The Father has given me a will to one day see Him on the Throne. I desire to follow only Him, not you, for you speak weakness, you speak untruth. I will pray that you will get to know Him better, because He does love you.’ So be it.”