Saint Louise

1591 - 1660

Saint Louise

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 8, 1972 at 8:02 pm


“My beloved children, I am Saint Louise.

Children fret over many things. Children are eager to participate in many things. Children say, ‘I must experience things today.’ Some are more aggressive, some are timid, some are anxious, some are reckless, some are careless; but no matter how they participate, each child does this with the power of the will given by God at the moment of conception.

Right now in the world, many children are partaking in evil things. Some are saying, ‘Satan, work with me so I will have power over others, so I will feel important.’ Some are so weak they succumb to his way. Some are saying, ‘Satan, go away.’ Some say, ‘Let my physical believe all things, let my physical experience my most dreams.’

Oh, My children, all ages are participating in this way of life, and through this child, God desires to draw children to a Light. It is not simple to make man change his ways, and that is why God sends This Miracle to help each one in the world know His Desires, help each one be refreshed in The Rules He made. Constantly repeated to children of all ages, all colors, is this: ‘Look to the Commandments of God, look to the Light of His Way, and pray.’

I stand Here in the Heavens; Others desire to speak. It is God’s Will, your way. Beware of what looks good and yet attracts your weakness. Beware of what feels good and causes you weakness. Stand strong, stand staunch, stand firm in truth, and obey His Rules; They are good for you.

I bless you with God’s Love. A beloved Saint waits to speak to you.”