Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 17, 1972 at 11:03 am


“My beloved children, I, Saint Joseph, have given this child many Lessons in obedience, trust, humility, and yes, self-discipline. I allowed her to speak to you in the manner she did so you would better understand the littleness she was and is. You see, The Father has placed This Miracle for Me upon the earth for each of thee. The ‘Preparation’ that this child endured, went through, and yes, conquered, was in a Special Way. It had to be a daily way. And so I come to you from the Heavens Where I stay and I say, ‘You, too, have a preparation, for you see, all children must prepare themselves to one day see The Holy Trinity.’

Children must learn, through obedience, self-discipline, love, service, that these are the means through which, by which, Sainthood can be gained for All Eternity. I speak slowly through the child, for I want each child present here to understand the path to Heaven is a simple path, not a lonely one, but a path where children can stand alone and lean upon God alone. Oh, My children, Those Words must be remembered by each of you; They are Words of Great Love from Me to you.

There were many times that Mary and I, walking the path, taking care of The Son, knew that We could not lean upon Each Other, but We could help Each Other in many ways. We had responsibility in a special way, and those of you in the marriage state have responsibility the same way We had in Our day. Keep in mind, God has order to all things, and this is the order He gives to mankind: First, God, in your thoughts, actions, deeds; then your spouse, then your children, then your family and friends.

Keep this in mind, for if you approach each day in that order, you will feel the desire to be a Saint and the need for God, above all things. One of the great tragedies in your day is the neglect of God. The second tragedy is the neglect of the spouse. The third tragedy is the neglect of supervision for children; the neglect that you spend, where you should be spending time in service to Him. Do you understand, My children? All Things said through This Miracle of Mine are said to draw you to The Divine.

I bless you with Hope, I bless you with Love, I bless you with Light, and I say, ‘Let All the Words spoken today give you the strength to obey The Rules God gave to every man, every day.’ So be it.”