Saint Veronica

1st century AD

Saint Veronica

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 3, 1973 at 1:11 pm


“My little ones, there are Many Saints here today to speak to you. It is an Unusual Event for most of you, but if you but realized the Magnitude of It, you would be on your knees, thanking God for It.

I once walked the path with The Son of God. I wiped His Face. I heard Him sob. I whispered at that time, ‘I know You are The True One.’ He looked into my eyes and said nothing with His Mouth, not really; but when I wiped His Face, I felt a Power surge through me I had never felt before. You call Me Veronica, and I say, ‘Yes, that Name remains with Me Here in Heaven Where I am.’

This child who stands before you is available to All of Us Here, this child who stands openly, yet firmly, speaking Our Words quite clear. The Father says to the world, ‘Behold a woman who stands for Me in the way I desire it to be, to tell the world of a Son Who walked for everyone, for if He had refused the responsibility, Heaven would not have opened for you and you and you.’ You see, it took obedience to The Father’s Will. It took acceptance of Truth. It took love. But keep in mind that The Beloved Saint Joseph was Just all the time, and this is what The Father Willed.

I bless you from the Heavens Where I am and I say to each child present here, ‘Behold a woman; behold God’s Love.’ Remember the cloth His Face was marked upon. When I walked forward, I did not expect such a blow. But when I walked away, I felt Love in such a way, although It could not show.

So, each of you present here on this Special Day will not have the Mark of His Face on a garment in any way, but keep in mind, you will have the Mark of This Time on your Soul. So be it.”