Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 18, 1973 at 1:36 pm


“This is how each of you must learn to walk each day: not so overly concerned with what men say, but how you have pleased God in your way. At night, when men lay their head, they must remember that the day will be accounted for in Heaven. It is true, God keeps a record of all men. He is the Greatest Bookkeeper in the world, for you see, I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, stand Here in the Heavens with Him and I can vouch for this. Every act you do is accountable to God, and yes, marked Here. God is All Just, All Mercy and All Truth. And those who walk in weakness, it is marked down Here.

This is not a mythical story; it has much proof, for if He did not stand in such Great Strength, you would not be here. People are so concerned with others’ actions, others’ feelings, and The Father pleads through This Great Miracle for each child in the world to understand one thing: that you are accountable to God for how you walked, how you stood, what you did, and the example you projected for Him.

To be born is a Blessing, to be man is a privilege; to serve, oh, My children, the ideal way to go to Him. You have a Soul, you have a body, you have a Guardian Angel, and through this trinity you will return to Him. He made all cells in the world. He made all things. So, at the moment of conception, the will was given to you to return to Him. There is no lack in His Judgment. There is no lack in His Love. There is no lack in His Justice. There is no lack in His Mercy, for I, Saint Alphonsus, come through this child and tell you so.

You say, ‘Is it true?’ There are children here wondering: ‘Why her? Why not me? Why not someone else? Why not a man? Why not a child? But why her?’ I, Saint Alphonsus say: ‘You are judging God — how He should work, what He should do, and the manner in which He should perform. It would be best if you followed the Teaching, followed the action, and desired to do His Will.’

Satan is working throughout the world. He is working on every area man is involved in. He is working on the mental, the physical. He is working on man’s weakness all the time. Children are not being taught how to pray or what to say. They are being taught to love themselves and to love other men. It goes without saying that to love God you would have to love man.

Unity — what is it? Man is confused. Man is using the definition described by man in a book, but unity is this, My children: Unity is doing God’s Will. Unity is desiring to serve Him in all things. Unity is desiring to teach others the way to Him. Unity is tolerance. Unity is obedience. Unity is Faith. Many men are going through the world shouting ‘Unity’ but they have no Faith. Many men are shouting, ‘I have great power,’ but in reality, they have no Faith. Many men are shouting, ‘I can walk alone.’ Foolish men; for, you see, man should understand and recognize that he must cling to The Father above all things.

So as you, My children, stand on this Blessed Ground, keep in mind that Heaven is all around and that We are ready to guide you, to guard you and to teach you God’s Way to The Holy Crown.

There is one in the midst now who desires perfection. You will not attain it until you decide purification is the way; but do not distort purification, for in your thinking, it would shut all men out in your day. Purify yourself by making reparation, doing penance, acts of obedience, and yes, being example of God’s Way.

I have spoken a long time to you today, more so than usual; but in this talking, I have drawn a Soul to the Heavenly Way. If millions of children stood on this land and one accepted the Teaching and God’s Hand, I would return to Him and say, ‘Oh, My God, a child returned to You today.’ So be it.”