Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 2, 1973 at 8:06 pm



I see with the Eyes of my Soul. If I didn’t, the Vision would not be as clear and as pure, and to be remembered as long as I can remember It.

There is a cup standing in mid-air and the cup is solid gold. It is not a cup like you and I have seen a cup, not exactly. Oh, it is the Cup that was used at the Last Supper. Oh my! There are rays coming from it, like gold rays; and suddenly, in the Cup, there is something red, but it is not wine, it is Blood. And the Cup is being tilted slowly and the Blood is pouring down upon the earth in a steady flow; very delicately, though, not real wide; just, I would say, about that wide. There seems to be no end. The Cup is, it’s not full, but it’s still flowing.

Oh! Our Lord has appeared behind the Cup, all in white. He forbids me to drop to my knees, only because it would cause disturbance and He does not want disturbance now.

Oh my! And now the Cup is moving and He shows it to me over Russia; and now the Cup, still flowing, is traveling from place to place throughout the world. It is even going through the ice. It’s going down.


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I have given this insight to the child so that she can describe to you a Vision, to give you a Lesson from Me that will give much Light.

I am The Son of The Father, and it was through this Blood I shed upon the earth that you, each of you, will one day see Divine Light. There is no end to the pouring that is possible from this Cup. One of the reasons for the continuous pouring is this: I want sons to be able to stand in the proper position with the proper means, to be able to have the Power I give them, to hand out My Blood to the thousands who must begin to see It for What It is.

I use a small instrument to reach you. The time in the world now is important to The Father, for children are seeing little use of the blood He created and they are determining the length of time it should remain upon the earth. Only The Father has this right. So, through the pouring from this Cup, of My Blood, men will not be taken from the earth sooner than the God of All Light says. I will pour this Cup over all land, over all the seas. I will, through It, give strength for children to come to The Holy Trinity.

Men are listening to false prophets. Men are listening to men speak of Bible ways. Men are shouting interpretation, but they are lacking the Truth of My Way. I come through this child in a manner you can understand, through a means, to give you Teaching. I want children who cannot hear, to be able to know about the Stories We tell Here from Heaven. I want children who cannot see, to be able to read What We say and What We have said. I want children of all languages to be able to read the Words We have delivered. I want children who mock this way to begin to pray. I want the world to know of the Cup I described today. I want men to begin to understand that the pouring was not just for one day but for all time.

Some of you, present here now, have sometimes mocked The Divine. Through This Miracle of a Beloved Son Who walked the world with Me in the human way, as Father, Guide, Protector, We are giving to the world the Magnitude of Heaven, the power that creation truly is and the dignity it should be held in. No man has the right to decide about another life. No woman has the right to not complete the Will of The Father. Men, throughout the world, are beginning to take too much upon themselves. They are beginning to stand with what they think is power. The only power that man truly has is his own will.

I speak slowly through this child tonight for the exhaustion within her body is one alone, and as she listens intently to transmit to you the Words I say, I embrace her lovingly. Heaven is truly speaking each day. Men are wondering about time: ‘How can this be? How can It be at a given time?’ Through This Great Miracle of Divine Way, We have allowed man to set time, because of the great need to hear The Divine. Men forget that all things, with Me, are possible. Men forget that when a Great Miracle comes to the world, there is no natural way to explain It.

This child that stands before you has been well prepared to face you. This Great Hill, bearing a particular Name of the Highest Saint in Heaven, My Son, My physical Father, will stand out to the whole world in the way it is meant to stand. You are in a time of great error, in a time of great misfortune. You walk in time where satan fears The Divine and yet is bold about it. Keep in mind, My children, he is all weakness against Divine Strength; but, at the moment of conception, each child is given a will for protection, for decision, out of Love.

As you leave this place tonight, remember the Cup pouring the Blood, in the child’s sight; and, keep in mind that This Blood is from The Divine, to give strength and to give courage and to teach all that is right.

Heaven could speak every moment of the day. Heaven would do it if children were available to hear, but as it so often happens, children place much more importance on the physical way. At no moment in the day do We allow a child to be completely alone, but when a child seeks Us out, calls Our Name, Grace comes, Direction is there, and much attention is given at the mere call of a Name.

I bless you on this night, and not until you reach Here will you understand the Magnitude of This Great Miracle We Here in the Heavens hold dear. So be it.”