Saint Michael

Saint Michael

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 14, 1973 at 10:45 am


“If you have small ones, or if you know of small ones, please, tell them to face God in dignity. Tell them to fold their hands upward to Him. Tell them to walk in strength, not insecurity. Tell them to look to the Tabernacle and pray. Tell them to realize that without Him they are nothing. Tell them to visualize Him there, for He is All Things. Tell them to accept the Beauty of The Holy Trinity, for in this acceptance, there is Sainthood there. Tell them to not be afraid to say they love God, but to stand up for all that is good. Tell them not to worry about benefit on earth but to look for what God will give them.

Tell them to be obedient to The Commandments, for through this they will find Heaven and they will stand before Him. Tell them the meaning of The Commandments: They are Rules, They are the way to discipline. Tell them that obedience to the Ten Commandments teaches self-discipline. Self-discipline is not an art, it is a Gift. Self-discipline is a privilege for all men.

Tell them to not try to understand their weakness, but to correct it. Tell them that to stand in dignity, humility and Light, does not necessarily give them acclaim in the world, but tell them and teach them that to stand in an army for Truth is God’s Will for all youth.

And I, Saint Michael, come through this child today and say, ‘The strength she gives to you every day is God’s Love for you.’ So be it.”