Saint Mary Magdalene

1st century AD

Saint Mary Magdalene

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 22, 1973 at 1:37 pm


“Many times, the children have been told Stories from Here that, in many ways, coincide with their own lives in special ways. And I, Mary Magdalene, say that if, when I were alive, I stood at the bottom of this Hill and the strongest man on the Hill were to drag me to where the Basilica must be, the small weight I was would be difficult and exhaustion would soon come, and many resting places would have to be; but, more than this, if the strongest man in the world were to carry my Soul from the bottom of this Hill to the top, he would find the weight a thousandfold too difficult for even he, for the weight of your body is very light compared to the weight of your Soul that must one day return to The Holy Trinity.

The world stands in much smugness. The world stands alert to what they feel is right, but what the world should ask is this: ‘Am I doing God’s Will today and tonight?’ Privileges are granted by God. So few do take hold. So many, many children of all ages, all colors, all creeds, beseech a power on their own, but they forget to say, ‘What does such a power bring?’ Does it bring burden or solely happiness? Does it bring purpose, or does it just say physical enjoyment? I, Mary Magdalene, say to you now from the Heavens Where I am: ‘To walk solely for God brings a burden no man could design. It was proven a long time ago by The Son Who walked as man.’

Children are eagerly searching for what they feel is truth and when they find it, they deny it, for you see, they say: ‘Such truth does not bear much fruit. It is simple, too simple for me,’ but, in reality, all things that would come from The Holy Trinity would bear a simple nature, for you see, even the construction of man, no matter how intricate it looks to others, has a simplicity, a profoundness. It is God’s Way, God’s Will, it be. The greatest wisdom in the world is solid truth, and yet children expect it to be decorated with frivolous words, extreme meanings, many syllables. Not so.

I want each of you here to take one word, think about it. There are only three letters in it. How much more simple could something be? The word is this: G-O-D. Then, does this not explain to you that God Himself gave every man a word in simplicity, ‘God’. And another Name He gave Himself, We are all familiar with. I, too, had one, you know, a ‘Father’. The Father is so simple, so dignified and beautiful, that the very word He loves to hear is, ‘Father, help me.’ And, in this word it says, ‘I have confidence, my God,’ for in a father you do have confidence. You must have. And in God’s Love for such a place, through the marriage state, the man is called ‘father’ and he can become a Saint.

Many, many children are familiar with the word ‘mother’, but how many children have really looked at the word ‘father’ and what it means, not just one day but every day? God gave man a beautiful place. God gave man the word, the way, so do not expect to hear The Holy One say great words your way. It would be a mistake. Just say to Him, ‘God, help me.’ What is more simple than this, and what is more pleasing to Him than this? ‘God, help me.’

I bless you with The Father’s Love, for I come through a child such as you. I bless you with Truth and Wisdom and I say, ‘As you leave this Great Place today, remember these words: “God, help me.”’ So be it.”