Saint Matthias

1st century AD - 80 AD

Saint Matthias

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 8, 1973 at 6:58 pm


“You can serve man, you can love man and you can do many things for man; but, you are very, very close to limiting man in all you do for man, for I, Saint Matthias, know this.

The world says, ‘Do the Heavens really speak through this child who stands so strong, and yet, in many ways so meek; who shouts the Words of Heaven’s Way, who knows that men wait for error every day?’ I, Saint Matthias, say, ‘Would you stand and listen this closely to Heaven every day?’ Try it on the morrow. You will find distraction untold. And if you try it constantly, you will find it not only tiring, but very difficult, for unless you have been prepared to listen to Here, you could not hold the way.

There are many, many times in the world that men desire to have a power. There are many, many children who desire to walk totally for God. There is a way. Do not desire a chosen way, but be humble enough, be loving enough, be giving enough, to say, ‘God, whatever You choose, I will do it Your Way,’ and you will find that every action of your day will be so worthwhile. And then you will find, and I, Saint Matthias say this: ‘You will look only to The Divine and pray to never be a Judas. And each day you will become a stronger warrior for God, because in the submission of your will to Him, you will find life in the physical way no facade. You will find it a reality, but you will find loving Him, serving Him, a greater reality in every way.’

Men are shouting, ‘This child does not stand in a real world.’ And God shouts through her to them: ‘The world is real. I am Divine. I am The Creator of All Mankind. I created the soil, I created the stars, I created the moon. I created all things. The universe belongs to Me.’

And I, Saint Matthias, say, ‘How much do you love God today?’ Did you care enough to say a prayer? Did you care enough to say, ‘I love You, God; thank You for the life here, thank You for the air’? Did you, in your little way, say to Him privately, ‘I hope I’m better than I was yesterday’? Did you, no matter what your age, say, ‘Help me to hold Your Hand’? Did you, in your superior knowledge, recognize that it was through Him you absorbed this knowledge, the way? And when you talked to someone else on this day, did you radiate God’s Will, God’s Way, or did you act so conscious of yourself that you forgot you stood for not only a human way, but Divine Love?

Children are not being taught throughout the world, the beauty of loving God, the simplicity of prayer, and the proper way of walking in purity and Light. Men have forgotten the beauty of purity. They think it is something that takes them out of the world. Not so. Purity draws men into a Greater Light. What it is, is this: A pure thought radiates to others in such a way that beauty shines forth. Pure clothes, pure dress radiates to others, saying assurance of your way; also, it says insurance. Keep this in mind.

What is purity? It is for all mankind. Purity is humility and humility is strength. Purity is awareness of one day that you want to be a Saint. Purity is observance of The Commandments given by God. Purity is knowing and realizing the beauty of the physical way. Purity says, ‘There is no boredom in this physical way, for there is constantly a challenge to remain God’s Way.’ Purity says, ‘Keep in mind the beauty of joy in the human mind.’ Purity says, ‘I will see all beauty with my eyes if I radiate it to others in a pure way.’

Ask yourselves on this day, My little ones: The impure thoughts — can you blame others for them or yourself? I say to you: ‘Blame yourself, for you see, it is through your will that you nourish them. It is through your will you accept them. It is through your will you radiate them to others.’

What did you do today? Did you allow purity to enter in? Did you allow it to grow? Did you allow purity to touch your flesh, your skin? Did you allow purity to radiate through your eyes, through your mouth, through your ears? Did you allow purity to radiate from you, your clothes? Did you allow purity to be the subject to other men? Oh, I wonder so.

I bless you with The Father’s Love. I bless you with Purity and I say, ‘It is good for all men.’ So be it.”