Saint Catherine of Siena

1347 - 1380

Saint Catherine of Siena

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 17, 1973 at 7:43 pm


“If I were to now hand you an unpolished diamond, how many of you on this night would cherish the diamond, or how many of you would know what it was? It would be in a stage of roughness, darkness, and perhaps such dullness that it would be unrecognizable for what it was. I could say to you, ‘It is worth a billion dollars.’ And I, Saint Catherine of Siena, would say only that. What would you do? Would you cherish the diamond? What good would it be? How many people would you show it to? Would they recognize the value of it? Could you show it off in a piece of jewelry? No. But the value would be there and you would have to insure this great diamond, for you see, in material gain, material way, it would be worth a great deal.

You would be wise if you were to take this diamond and to have an expert look at it, and then ask advice on how to deal with it, how to cope with it, and yes, how to show it to the best advantage for everyone to see. Now, the expert might say, ‘It will take time and it will take energy and it will take money to polish this gem.’ If you would be wise in this matter, you would look around and try to accomplish it, for you see, the diamond would be collateral all on its own.

And now I, Saint Catherine, come through this child to say: ‘You were born with a Diamond. You call It “a Soul”.’ Is It in the rough? How do you know? Have you taken care of It to help It glow?

Ask yourselves this question on this night: What have you done with the rare Gem, the Diamond that will one day give you great delight? When It was given, It was not in a rough stage, but in a Particular Glow; of course, even then It did not show, but I say to you, ‘Be aware of the Diamond that you have with you every day, for you see, it would be wise to insure It, wise to declare It, wise to take care of It, and wise to help It glow.’

A diamond could never shine like your Soul, nor could a diamond ever compare in value; but I, Saint Catherine say, ‘If I were you, I would cherish the Diamond God gave you one day.’ So be it.”