Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 17, 1973 at 8:08 pm


“My beloved children, it is true I spent time in the Garden of Gethsemane. It is true that in this place I cried tears: tears of the human way, tears for the human way, and tears to accomplish God’s Will. The child through whom I speak has many Gethsemanes. So did I, but only one has been brought down in words for men’s eyes. Sometimes men shout, cry. It is release, yes, but it is also pain, for sometimes to cry causes agony, not always release. Sometimes tears hurt the eyes; sometimes the whole body is racked after the tears come, because you see, sometimes they cause impact.

I come through this child in what you would call ‘an ordinary way’. It is far from ordinary. It is Extraordinary in every way. I speak through her. As My Words flow, the Power of Divine takes Them to you. They are transmitted readily and instantaneously through her being for you.

When I was upon the earth, My beauty did not astound man, only the Wisdom that poured through Me did this to man. And once again in the world, The Father has Decreed a Time, a child to suffer and to transmit the Wisdom of The Holy Trinity. All that you have learned on this night in your time is of Greatness from The Divine. Be aware of fakery and be aware of men who decline to listen, to understand, to absorb, to follow Truth, for you see, they are afraid to be involved with The Greater One, The Holy One, The Divine.

Men readily speak out, and when they lose their voice, they cry, but tears do not bring back the voice, not even does a sigh. Children are aware that to stomp their feet, others may not care, and sometimes in the stomping, it hurts. Sometimes a child will slam the table to get a point across. The hand gets hurt, the table moves, there’s disturbance all around.

I say these things to you tonight, to let you know that I know what it is to be human in every way in True Light; but, along with this human way, there is a Beautiful Part for you today, for you see, with all the troubles, all the heartaches of the human privilege, you have a Valuable Gem that you take everywhere with you, and that Gem is called ‘the Soul of man’.

I come to you on this night, and I say that when I cried in Gethsemane, the Soul of every man walked before My Eyes, and when I saw the Degree of Love The Father had, I could not reject the Ultimate Sacrifice. So, as I speak through this child, I want you to know that Gethsemane was worthwhile, for you see, it helped Me better understand the Diamonds that The Father wanted returned to Him by man. So be it.”