Saint Peregrine

c. 1260 - 1345

Saint Peregrine

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 23, 1973 at 1:42 pm


“My children, there is a solid fact that the infiltration of Communism has occurred in every area in the world. They have infiltrated the homes, they have infiltrated the government and they have infiltrated the churches, all denominations; but mostly, the True Church, Holy Mother Church. Be aware of it and do not let it slide off of you as if it has not been said, not been done, for the truth is obvious to the world now. I am Saint Peregrine.

A long time ago, you call it ‘two thousand years of man’s time’, the first Light sent to the world to draw attention to The Divine was a Star in the sky, a Light for men to see, men to behold, men to follow. Remember, that is why men have had light at this time throughout the world. Men have placed a star in a particular place to remind them of that Special Grace given to the rich and to the poor at that time, two thousand years before. Men never forget the Star, men never forget the gifts, men never forget the Purpose of that Little Life. Men never forget that it took a Woman and a Man to stand for It.

Men never forget that the Birth was humble. But what they do not know is that there were some inns who would have allowed Joseph and Mary in, but Joseph refused, because He knew the place was full of sin. And instinctively, and in His Wisdom, He reacted to this and He said, ‘No, this is not a place for Her to be, to bear a Child such as This.’

The world has never been told this part of the Story. The world has never truly seen how protective He was of this Beloved Wife Who is now The Heavenly Queen. Children must better understand that many things were never written about the true happenings of that time.

And I, Saint Peregrine, come from Heaven today to speak to you and say: ‘Be aware of the time in which you live, and ask yourself: Was it a lack of knowledge that took the light away, or was it to diminish this time of year? Or, was it infiltration of a force guided by the evil one?’ Think of this. You must, for the day will come and you will have to stand in what you know is truth, for what you know is right, and the way you know you were given to follow the privileged life.

Be aware of The Holy Eucharist, for through this particular day, where the Star shone so brightly, the world was given the privilege to face The Holy Trinity. Do not be ethereal over this Great Event, but look at it in the logical, practical viewpoint that it is.

Be aware of Truth, be aware of what occurred, and be assured that through this Great Hill of Hope, the Saint Who once protected that Particular Woman Who was to bear a Child as She should, is now coming once again to the world to protect you: men, women, children, and the Future of mankind, like He once did a long time ago. Be aware of the Magnitude of This Great Miracle. Be aware of the Magnitude of this Great Hill. It bears His Name, it bears Truth. There is much significance on this Hill, of the privilege of the human way.

Do not judge; you do not have the ability. If you were the greatest theologian in the world, you would not have the ability to judge This Great Miracle, for even in the time when They walked the earth, no man could judge the path They took. And keep in mind that those who feared the Birth of This Little One tried to destroy The Child. And so it is again in the world, men are destroying children; men are destroying children of all ages, all colors, all creeds. Be aware.

I, Saint Peregrine, have spoken to thee and I say: ‘Do not be foolish, do not be led, do not follow. Stand firm in what you know is Truth and stand in justice. Saint Joseph did when He was man.’

Men shout, ‘The Son of God was born in a stable.’ Men forget the strength behind this Birth, the obedience that it took, the Beauty that it was, for The Son of God was born in a Light, a Light that no man could imitate. The light you have upon the earth is but a mere speck of what the Light was that encircled The Beloved Woman Who accepted the Will of The Father for all men.

I bless you and I say, ‘To be a Saint in Heaven Here is a Privilege, especially in your day, for the work that We are doing, the amount We are exposed to, to help you, is one alone.’ Through this child, All Saints speak. Sometimes she says, ‘All right, go on.’ The first time a woman has ever been chosen in this particular way, so openly, and yet there are men who desire to say: ‘It cannot be true. Why her, why not me?’ And I, Saint Peregrine say, ‘A chosen path is a difficult one, can only be God’s Way, but men do not see the suffering; men only see the open way.’

The physical illnesses in the world are many; the mental illness, so much; the Spiritual neglect, to such a degree that men do not understand the Magnitude of The Holy Trinity. So be it.”