Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 23, 1973 at 1:54 pm


“I, Saint Anne, come to you and say, ‘It is a privilege you are here today, for on this Hill a Son will be known.’

Many children throughout the world think they have the ability to declare certain things and to translate many things, but, in reality, they don’t, for they put their own interpretation on it. I, your Grandmother, know.

Sometimes children speak of Me and they say, ‘Saint Anne, help me.’ Oh, how I would love them to say, ‘Heavenly Grandmother, lead me God’s Way.’ These are My favorite words, except, of course, when a child says to The Father, ‘I love You, take me by the hand, lead me to You.’

There are so many people in the world who do not understand My role. I was the physical mother of The One Who bore The Child. Logically, does it not make Me your Heavenly Grandmother? And I smile as I say These Words, for you see, children, only through The Miracle, know this Position I hold in Heaven Where I am. So be aware, I, your Heavenly Grandmother, am Here to listen to your every prayer. And sometimes, when I intercede and I say, ‘Mother, Daughter,’ She says, ‘Yes, I know.’ The relationship you cannot understand; it is Here Where I am.

Another One Who wants to speak on this special day, is the One Who walked the earth with Me in a physical way, Joachim. And now I look into His face, as He stands Here in All Grace, and He, too, wants to let you know the Family in Heaven loves you so, but sometimes you forget. You become so enraptured in the hurts of your day, in your way, that you forget the Family Here to Whom you must pray.

I love you, as only a Heavenly Grandmother can, and I say: ‘Never let go of His Hand. It is the True Way to walk the path of love, the path of hope.’

A Gift I give you from Above: the Wisdom for you to hang onto, cling to, hold, for in the Wisdom I have spoken, I stand through a child who must stand very bold. It is not easy to say, ‘God speaks through me today.’ But there are many false prophets all around. They have nothing to lean upon. But remember this, My children, the Gift that God has given you is This Miracle and this Ground. So be it.”