Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 27, 1974 at 1:52 pm


“It is a Miracle of Beauty, a Miracle of Teaching, a Miracle of Hope and a Miracle of Love. It is a Miracle to give to all mankind the privilege of the human life. It is a Miracle that says, ‘I love you; I will be “just” with you.’ It is a Miracle that says, ‘If you stand for Truth, oftentimes you will stand alone.’ It is a Miracle that says, ‘God loves you.’ It is a Miracle that says, ‘Always have hope.’ It is a Miracle that says, ‘Don’t walk around with your head in the clouds, but walk with your feet on the ground, so when you rise to Here, you will have lived a full physical role.’ It is a Miracle that says, ‘Partake in all that is good, partake in the physical, and keep in mind that all things that God made are to draw you to The Divine.’

The state of marriage: A Sacrament, a beauty, a union with God in many ways, and in a particular thing; the Sacrament that gives to the world the Priesthood; the Sacrament that says ‘Unity’; the Sacrament that allows the world to go on; the Sacrament that says ‘Be aware’; the Sacrament that says ‘This was God’s Love’, for He sent His Son to walk in this state, in this affair.

The Sacrament is loved much by The Father, and I come to you from the Heavens Where I am, for you see, I am a Saint Who walked that state of life. I am Saint Anne, and I truly speak through this child openly. Children must know, through this great vocation of life, that men reach Heaven, stand before The Father, and they are Judged on how they stood in this state, the degree of love they gave, and the manner in which they allowed others to see the beauty of this way.

Oh, My children, Here in the Heavens, children upon the earth are helped by Those of Us Who are allowed by The Father to do so. I would love, with My Grandmotherly Love, to say to each of you personally: ‘Do you understand? I am your Heavenly Grandmother.’

You have Parents Here. Your Parents: the First, The Father; next, The Heavenly Queen. Joachim, Who was My spouse, the father of The Beloved Mary, is your Heavenly Grandfather. Remember this. I, your Heavenly Grandmother, have been given the privilege many times to stand over you, to stop you, to guide you, to love you, to teach you, and yes, to help you when you were in a fit of anger over another child’s omission, permission, commission, and yes, weakness.

Oh, My children, there are so many things to be spoken about, there are so many things to be taught, there are so many Lessons to be given through This Great Miracle of Hope. Why are there not thousands of you listening? I will tell you this: ‘Satan, in his fear of This Great Miracle, has sent to the world many demons to sidetrack children from seeing the Beauty, the Grace, the Way and the Light that is All Truth to all men, no matter what race.’

Be aware of satan and his cohorts in the world. Be aware of the demons who practice, not love for you, but hate. Be aware of those who imagine Faith. Be aware of those who do not feel God’s Love, but desire to perform only for their own sake.

I, Saint Anne, have taught you much today, through a child such as you, through what you would call ‘a human way’; but, in reality, the Words that flow appear as natural means but are of Supernatural Power. It is God’s Decree. So, as I bless you with His Love, as a Grandmother can and does, I bless you with that extra little cookie that We are accused of. So be it.”