Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 20, 1974 at 2:29 pm


“Do not forget, My children, that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, Purity is in order. That is why God gave Purgatory. There has to be a purification, a reparation.

I am a Saint Here in the Heavens and I am Saint Margaret Mary. I talked many times to The Heart of The Son, and when I did, I felt sad sometimes, and yes, sometimes I would want to run. It is not an easy road to walk so deliberately in His Love, because you see, you lack freedom, and yet you gain burden.

Oh, My children, bear in mind, The Heart He gave He hands once again to the world. He hands It today through a child, The Heart of Love. Bear in mind, without the beat of your heart you would die to the world, and He beats His Heart for you each day. He beats It so loud through The Holy Eucharist and He wants you to say:

‘I love You, God. Beat with me, beat my heart in tune with Yours, in time with Yours, and do not forget that without the beat of my heart I could be lost.’

Oh, My children, look to His Heart, look to the Rays, and understand that only His Heart is why you are man.

I bless you with My Love for His Heart, and I say, ‘Let your heart beat with His today, tomorrow and the next, so one day when you come Here with Him, you will understand the beat of The Heart is the hum of Heaven for all men.’ So be it.”