Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 9, 1974 at 5:45 pm


“I am pictured so often, kneeling before an open Heart. I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. Some children in the world do not understand what terror it could be to stand in The Heart of The Son of God, Who was once man; but as I knelt there, I felt the Power of His Love and the Rays of His Heart wrap around me, and I felt Him say: ‘Margaret, be aware of My Heart. Teach It to the children and give My Love to each of them.’

These Words were spoken in many ways. Sometimes I would listen diligently and I would say, ‘Father in Heaven, I do not hear clearly what You say.’ And He would smile into my face and say: ‘Perhaps you are listening too strongly. Listen in a light way and you will hear the music of the beat of My Heart come your way.’

So it is, My children, through This Great Miracle in the world: listen lightly, work hard, give time to the music, to the beat of His Heart, for you see, His Heart is truly in The Divine. The Power of His, of Him, is so Great that the slightest sound, He gives in a special way, and it is His Love that comes in so many things every day.

I come back now to the times when I knelt before Him and I would say, ‘What do You want me to pray, my Lord?’ And He would say: ‘Pray to My Heart. It is My Gift to the world. Give It to children; let them see, let them know how I love each of them, through the Vision I have given thee.’

And sometimes, when I would look into His Heart, I would see all of mankind in a special place; it would appear that I could see all of the human race. And then He would say, ‘I will close My Heart now, Margaret, for another day, but never do I close It to shut men out, only to hold them in so they will stay.’

So, My children, as you are Blessed by The Heart of The Beloved One, Who gave It in Love for all mankind one day, I say to you in a special way: ‘Do not forget to pray, for when you pray you are saying to The Father, “I believe, I accept, I give and I honor.”’

Oh, My little ones, do not ask for the sight of the open Heart. He would give It if He desired you to see It, but only ask that you are the ones He is holding tightly within It, because you see, the ones He does are the ones He holds in the Sight of Him because of their love His Way.

I bless you with His Love, I bless you with His Heart, and I say, ‘Stay in the Ray, stay in the Light, and give each day in the way that is right.’ And before you lay your head at night, say:

‘Thank You, God, for another day. Give me the privilege of tomorrow for I promise You, in it and through it, I will extend to You Honor, always hoping to get closer, always desiring to do Your Will, and yes, always remember that my time is Yours.’ So be it.”