Saint Margaret Mary

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 2, 1975 at 11:24 am


“I, Saint Margaret Mary, will tell you this: Through this child I speak often and I say, ‘To walk the path as a chosen child for God is not bliss, but one of burden, one of Great Direction, and one of All Truth in every day.’

There are so Many, Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who have spoken and Who desire to speak through this child, but Each One is told, at a given time, when They must go to the earth through a manner, through a funnel, through a tunnel, through a Wind of God’s Power, and give to the world what He wants Each One to say, to show, to direct and to speak.

So many children in the world are not aware of what a heart truly is. They think it is but a motor in their body but, in reality, it is the life of the body governed by The Father Who does care. And through the motor, through the heart, you must return much love, for you must be grateful, first of all; you must stand in thanksgiving and you must know that, through the heart, He will show. And you, too, must act through it, in a way, in a light, that will blend your Soul with His Way, His Truth.

My beloved children, I oftentimes gazed into His Heart and when I did, It always spoke to me in this manner: ‘Do what I say; I command you today to let others know, let others see what I want of them for The Holy Trinity.’ I sometimes would turn my head for I always knew that the Lesson was so important that it had to be passed on in a manner He Decreed to be. And through weariness, I would sometimes want to stay in bed, but He would say, ‘Margaret, up on your feet, write what I say, do what I want, to give others a special way.’

So, I now come to you through His Love and through His Way and I say, ‘Up on your feet, look to His Heart and obey, for through His Heart, He extends to you every day the motor of love, the motor of life, the motor of hope, and the motor for you to go on and continue in every way.’

So, as you extend to Him your heart today, be aware, do it in service, do it in love, do it in charity, do it in hope. And whatever you do, whatever you say, say this:

‘Dear God, I offer You my heart today. Do with it what You Will so I may act according to how You desire me to be. Dear God, help me to know how You want my heart to be, what You want my heart to show to all I meet.’

And, do not forget, as it was said before by the beloved Alphonsus Liguori, your personality can extend your heart, and through the extension you can give others a start: a start to love, a start to know, and a start to share in the great Miracle of the motor of life for the Soul. So be it.”