Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 11, 1975 at 2:11 pm



There is a light. It’s almost silver, and it’s brighter and brighter and brighter, and it’s as if it were in a swirl around Her. And there’s a sky behind Her and this swirl of light is as a rainbow, and it appears that there is mostly blue; no, it’s a purple. No, it shades from a pink, a mauve, an orchid, a purple, and the shade under the pink is almost like a crystal.

Her dress is, it’s green but it’s that green I’ve seen Her in before. There’s a Crown on Her Head, of emeralds. The Crown is — the Crown is not too high; it’s about this high, and it’s, it’s something like this; and the blue in back of the rainbow is slowly turning to a brighter color. It’s almost as if the Light from Her Body is making it brighter, and it’s getting brighter and brighter and brighter.

And now the rainbow is raying out, like this; and it’s almost as if it’s all over and the light is brighter, and She’s smiling. Oh, there are Three Angels on this side and Three Angels on that side, and They have picked up the hues of the rainbow.


“My beloved children, I speak in a special form on this day. I speak totally of Love, Divine Way. I speak in a loving manner, and I speak requesting each child to examine the truth, to examine the beauty of light.

As the light beats down upon you, the warmth of it is My Love. The rays come from the rainbow and the heat of it from My Body. My garment is green. It is the Hope for the whole world. I have stood at the foot of a Cross, and the color then was red. I come now once again to the world in hope, sharing with all of mankind a Saint Who truly stands at the head.

I say with My Own Lips and I say with My Own Love, ‘I was born of Divine Way.’ Our Relationship upon the earth was to extend to all of mankind The Father’s Will, so all men could learn of The Divine. There was no other way to teach such Profoundness, so The Father sent Three to the world, not to astound the world, not to confound the world, but to prepare all of mankind for Judgment Day.

The Father has never allowed man to be alone upon the earth. So now, through This Great Miracle, I come to say, ‘The Holy Family comes once again to the earth to repair and to hand back The Father’s Will for all men.’

I hold the child’s eyes tightly, for through the shadow of the lid, I hand the light brightly; too much for the child to stand. I bless you, My little ones, not only today, but each time you offer a prayer My Way. And I give you a prayer now to say for all time:

‘Heavenly Father, allow me to know Your Will for me and let it show.

Heavenly Mother, hold me tight, enfold me in Your Mantle day and night.

Beloved Saint Joseph, protect me in the physical life so I might enjoy the Beauty of Eternal Light.’  So be it.”