Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 12, 1978 at 12:52 pm


“The Miracle Of Saint Joseph was given to the world to alert men to the Reason for life, and the manner in which they must act, proceed and form their everyday living to fulfill the Purpose of life. From This Miracle evolves a format for men to seek out and to follow, in preparation for the time each man will face The Father. It is easy to not think about facing The Father. It is easy to not accept The Rules, but I say to you now, ‘It is better for All Eternity if you begin to see the course that you must take to fulfill the Purpose of life, for your Soul’s sake.’

Each man in the world is a Miracle. Each man’s Soul is a Gift from The Father. Each man’s will is a Gift to perform with, to perform in, and to use as the standard of living for the moral values intended by The Father to save one’s Soul.

This child through whom I speak, a puppet, an instrument, a means to draw men’s attention to what is right, what is correct, what is good, has been for some time the point of Direction for men to listen to, follow, cooperate with, and coordinate their thinking from. Each man in the world must look to the Goal of Life, must understand that the Purpose of life was to cooperate with The Father’s Will and to return to Him the Soul. Each way that this child directs man’s thinking in, is a way, is the way for all men to follow.

Men must begin to understand that all things have a preparation to them, in them, and there is a reason for preparation in all things. Preparation is to see that the learning is taking place, the standard is established, the format accomplished, and the goal reached. So many times men try to ignore preparation. They feel they have the ability to accomplish without it, great things. Let Me say this: Men call it ‘experience’; in reality, it is a preparation.

When all things were formed, preparations were made for all things to be formed properly and in the right place and manner. When The Father decided to create man, the preparation was made, and then He prepared man’s physical to cooperate with His Preparation and Plan. He gave man the ability to walk in a certain way, to work in the procreation of man. This takes preparation. For each child born to the world, the physical is prepared step by step, the mind is prepared step by step, and so it carries on after the child is born. Each step is important: of learning, of walking, of working in the physical and in growing in the Spiritual.

If a man has Faith, his Faith must also be prepared. It must have a beginning and have a growth period, and then an established way. Faith is truly a Gift. It is like the will. Faith can become stronger or weaker, and Faith in God is a special Faith.

Oh, My children throughout the world, never ignore preparation, for in preparation there is stability, there is control, there is discipline, there is a practicality and a logic. You are Loved in many ways. Teach the whole world to love God in every way.

I am Saint Joseph. I hold this child deeply and yet I am at the control of what she is in, what she appears to be in control of. Know, that this child is constantly controlled by Heavenly Direction, for the good of all mankind in the world. So be it.”