Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 1, 1978 at 1:50 pm


“The Soundness of This Great Miracle is not realized by men. The Profoundness of This Great Miracle is incomprehendible to men. The Direction, the Hope, the Wisdom extended through This Great Miracle is not being absorbed by man. I am Saint Joseph.

The funnel, the channel, the puppet through whom I speak, a human form, committed to obedience, dedicated to service, cannot understand men who do not see the exactness in the Words, the Love in the Teachings, the simplicity in the manner, and the Greatness in the means.

Men try to deny fact. Men try to deny Faith. But most men will accept fate. Men, in determination, force issues to gain entrance into what they desire, what they want. Not too many men force themselves to understand what Faith is all about.

A man will say, ‘I know there is a God.’ Another man will say, ‘I believe in God.’ Another man will say: ‘I am good. I commit no sin.’ Another man will say: ‘Religion is not for me. I don’t believe in Him.’ Another man, feeling he rises above all human understandings of what The Creator is all about, what Heaven truly is, and what the purpose of life is for, this man sometimes shouts the loudest. He is called an ‘evangelizer’; not like the Time The Son walked the earth, but determining his own interpretation of things, in accumulating information that was gathered through translation by men who were interested in things.

So many avenues, so many paths, so many directions, all leading to One Place, One Purpose for life: to come Here for all time, to be with The Father of all mankind.

Men seek Shangri-las upon the earth. Men seek Heaven in every way. Men look for perfection. Men follow all courses of life for human satisfaction, many times omitting the dignity, the honor and the magnitude of seeking out sound moral values, standards.

This Miracle upon the earth is the Soundness men needed, with all things put simply, for all men to be able to understand the Reasoning, the Purpose, the Goal.

I speak constantly through this child, the puppet. I speak consistently through this funnel. I act, always for the good of mankind, through this channel. I, Saint Joseph, use a human source so that men can relate to, listen without fear, and follow the Direction easily.

This child, through whom I speak, must be placed in the manner and way, the area that will give Direction for men to complete what The Father Wills, for Souls to come Here. It will be noticeably accented in how men of all kinds will respond differently when this action comes about.

Many men sit in defiance of this child, fearful she is of Truth, and yet hopeful she is. I am never away from this puppet for I am The Holy Ghost. I am The Light. I am The Wisdom. I am The Protector. I am The Staunchness, The Justice. I am Love. I am Perseverance. I am Prudence. I am Stability. I am Faith. I am The Light of The Divine. I am Hope. So be it.”