Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 22, 1978


“My beloved sons, to hear a child in the world describe how We gather her attention is always a delight, for as this child stands in a Light men do not totally understand, the Light that shines forth through her, for the good of man, is always felt by those with whom she speaks, meets and acts.

I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. I have spoken so many times through this child, this puppet for The Father, who stands upon the earth as you, and yet walks in a Light of Divine Light, totally for Souls to better understand the human role, the Purpose of life, the dignity for which each man is born.

Men seek a light to read by, a light to work by, a light to see others by. So many times, a Light directed by Heaven, by The Father Himself, is not seen in the manner a light upon the earth is seen, but you can be assured that this Light, different than other, is a Light through which you will find Stability, Growth, Grace and Faith.

Upon the earth men rally when they feel a cause is necessary, exciting, or has great promotional need; but, to gather in rally for the Souls of men is sometimes difficult for men to believe.

In the time in which you live, My sons, there are few leaders in the world. In the time in which you live, you have been given a Miracle to announce to men the Purpose of Great Worth.

Men are sinning throughout the earth. They stand upon the world The Father created and they commit blasphemies, horrible acts, against Him. They justify these acts by the language they know, and when they do this they commit more ugly actions against Him.

About three thousand years ago a man was given Words, not just to live by, but to extend to every man in the world: Words of Hope, Justice, Direction, Light, Faith; Words that were to bring men to the Feet of God one day.

No man can enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless he has purified the way. Men shout, ‘I will be Judged by The Father,’ and they forget that before such a Judgment there must be much action taken in many ways. Men shout, ‘I must change my ways.’ They do nothing about it.

I hold this child deeply, for no man knows the condition of the physical wherein weakness continuously grows.

Tonight, if a man were to meet you on the road and encourage you to sin against The Creator, The Father, The King, you would say, ‘I feel the temptation, I feel the need.’ But remember, My sons, a very important Lesson was given to each of you, on your will. Through this child We have told many children in the world, ‘Your will is your line of decision to say “Yes” or “No”, “I will”, “I won’t”.’ This, a short statement of acknowledgment, of action, sometimes crosses many roads.

As I walked the earth, I fought in many areas, for the good of men’s Souls. Today, a child stands in the world, a puppet drawn by Golden Strings, and through her, millions of Words.

One day, I promise you on this night, you will face Me, you will face Others that walked the human role. Ask yourself if you could face Me tonight in a personal way. I wonder if you would agree that this would be the time for The Father to give you Judgment, so you could be a Part of the Heavenly Way, with The Holy Trinity.

Men shout, ‘Mystery.’ Men deny mystery; they want fact. When fact is given they ignore fact, for they cannot comprehend the Truth in fact, the fact of Truth. Men deny the Beauty of life, and yet they want to live. Men compromise, men patronize, men water down fact, truth, life. Men try to say they want to be without sin, but they do not act in this manner; they compromise.

Sometimes men say out loud, ‘I would sell my Soul for this.’ The very thought weakens all things, and the evil one grabs hold of it.

So, make it a point, My sons, that as you walk the earth, you will always say, ‘God, help me to make the correct decision so I will one day walk only Your Way.’ Never omit the request of Him, and never permit yourself to deny Him.

I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori, and I fought upon the earth. And, many times I fell to my knees, screaming, ‘God, help me, I do not want to sin.’

It is more difficult to ask help at this time for when weakness creeps in, it is easier to bend your will; for, you see, the senses are momentary, but do not forget, for every sin against Him, a mark remains upon the Soul, that must be cleansed.

To become a Saint is not an easy task, but I guarantee you it is the only way, for then there is not only Glory, but Heavenly Light in every way.

So, as this child speaks My Words, I say to you, as Saint to men: ‘The path is a beautiful path to Here. I will guide you on it, if you will but ask Him.’ So be it.”